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Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Faculty & Staff

Jason Roy, PhD
Chair & Professor
Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology
(732) 235-9795

Emily Barrett, PhD Associate Professor.
Pregnancy; hormones; environmental chemicals; endocrine disruptors; stress; developmental origins of health and disease; perinatal epidemiology; sex differences; fertility.
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Michelle Bover Manderski, PhD, MPH RBHS Instructor.
Survey methodology; measurement of risk behaviors; tobacco control; epidemiology methods; cancer epidemiology.
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Greta A. Bushnell, PhD Assistant Professor of Epidemiology; Core Faculty.
Pharmacoepidemiology, Health services research, Mental health, Substance use disorders, Child and adolescents health 
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Bernadette Callahan Hohl, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor.
Youth violence; community based participatory research urban health; social epidemiology; injury prevention.
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Amy Davidow, PhD Associate Professor.
Tuberculosis epidemiology; time series analysis of disease rates; longitudinal data analysis.
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Judith Graber, PhD, MS Associate Professor.
Occupational cancer; dust exposure; World Trade Center; total worker health.
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Perry N. Halkitis, PhD, MS, MPH Dean & Professor
Director, CHIBPS.
LGBTQ; HIV; HPV; HCV; STIs; sexual health; drug abuse; mental health; syndemic; health care; health disparities; social determinants; behavioral medicine; applied statistics; psychometrics.
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William Halperin, MD, MPH, DrPH Professor.
Public health surveillance; injury and occupational epidemiology.

Sinae Kim, PhD Assistant Professor.
Bayesian nonparametric methods;  variable selection and clustering in high-dimensional data; statistical analyses in genomics and proteomics data;  and clinical trial design and analysis.
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Anita Kinney, PhD Professor; Director, Center of Cancer Health Disparities; Associate Director, Population Science and Community Outreach, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.
Cancer genomic risk communication Genetic testing for cancer risk; cancer survivorship; cancer health disparities in genetic care delivery for inherited cancers and cancer survivorship.
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Wei Vivian Li, PhD Assistant Professor.
Statistical genomics; RNA Sequencing; Single-cell genomics; Comparative transcriptomics; Comparative epigomics; Binary classification
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Yong Lin, PhD Professor.
Phase I, II, III clinical study design; adaptive designs in clinical trials; precision medicine with biomarkers; mixture model analysis; zero-inflated models; cure-rate models
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Adana Llanos, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor.
Molecular epidemiology; cancer epidemiology; genetics; epigenetics; biomarkers; disparities; health equity; population health; sociobiological mechanisms; breast cancer; adipokines; energy balance; Cancer in populations of African ancestry; Caribbean.
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Shou-en Lu, PhD Associate Professor.
Cohort case-control design and analysis; clustered failure time data; multivariate failure time data.

Elizabeth G. Marshall, PhD Associate Professor.
Environment, occupation, occupational injury, birth defects
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Dirk Moore, PhD Associate Professor.
Biostatistics; epidemiology; mass spectrometry; clinical trials.
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Pamela Ohman Strickland, PhD Associate Professor.
Categorical Data Analysis; small samples; group randomized trials; environmental exposure and health; cancer-related behavioral interventions.
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Marian Passannante, PhD Associate Dean for Educational Program Development; Professor.
Tuberculosis epidemiology; injury epidemiology; epidemiology education.
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Henry Raymond, DrPH, MPH Associate Professor.
HIV; LGBT; surveillance; sampling methods.
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Zorimar Rivera-Núñez, MS, PhD Assistant Research Professor.
Environmental epidemiology, biomarkers, measurement error, endocrine disruptors, drinking water contaminants, maternal health, pregnancy, placenta, big data.
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Jason Roy, PhD Chair & Professor.
Causal inference; Bayesian nonparametrics; missing data; machine learning; pharmacoepidemiology
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Jaya Satagopan, PhD Professor; Interim Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs.
Cancer epidemiology, Cancer prevention, Cancer risk communication, Gene-environment interaction, Case-control design, Selective sampling designs, Bayesian methods, Ensemble learning methods
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Stephanie Shiau, PhD Instructor.
HIV, aging, lifecourse epidemiology, perinatal epidemiology, pregnancy, inflammation, biomarkers, epigenetics, mental health, bone health
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Antoinette Stroup, PhD Professor.
Cancer surveillance research; disparities in cancer risk and survival; long-term survival, quality of life and late effects life course approach and geographic disparities in cancer risk and outcomes
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Yaqun Wang, PhD Assistant Professor.
Precision medicine; Dynamic gene expression and gene-environment interaction analysis; gene network modeling; longitudinal data analysis; QTL mapping and statistical genetics; big data.
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