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School Governance & Committees

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Our Committees

Executive Council

The Executive Council advises the Dean on matters affecting the operation and policies of the school, develops the procedural code, and acts on behalf of the faculty with regard to the duties and powers of the faculty enumerated in the Bylaws.

Admissions and Academic Progression

The Admissions and Academic Progression Committee, within legal boundaries, sets requirements for admission to the school and considers matters of student academic standing.

Advisory Committee on Appointments and Promotions

The Advisory Committee on Appointments and Promotions reviews and makes formal recommendations to the Dean regarding all appointments and promotions of faculty.


The Curriculum Committee develops, reviews, and makes policy recommendations regarding the curricula for the degree and certificate programs of the school and develops standards for the evaluation of each educational program for the school.

Research and Doctoral

The Research and Doctoral Committee encourages research activities by faculty and students and serves in an advisory capacity to the Dean on general policy matters related to research.

Bylaws and Elections

The Bylaws and Elections Committee ensures that the Bylaws of the school are in conformity with the policies and procedures governing Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences and Rutgers University and the collectively negotiated agreements. This committee shall also have the responsibility of supervising all elections and other ballots conducted among the faculty in coordination with the Secretary of the Faculty.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee has the responsibility of developing and promoting strategies and best practices associated with diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives across the school to support an environment that promotes equity, equality, combats oppression, and values the contributions of everyone so that we can fulfill the mission of excellence in public health.