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Computing Requirements

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At minimum, all Rutgers School of Public Health certificate and degree program students are required to possess a personal laptop, no older than approximately two years, and meet the following requirements. 

    •  Windows Operating System that is running 64-Bit
      • Windows 10
    • Integrated webcam with microphone
    • Integrated or USB connectable CD drive (optional)
    • Processor:
      • Modern processor such as Intel 9th Gen or AMD Zen 3 series
    •  Random Access Memory (RAM)
      • 8GB RAM or Higher
    •  Storage (traditional or solid state are acceptable)
      • 500, 1000GB (1TB) Hard Drive
      • 256, 500GB Solid State Hard Drive (SSD’s greatly improves the computer performance)
    •  macOS
      • Catalina or Higher
    • Integrated webcam with microphone
    • Integrated or USB connectable CD drive (optional)
    • Processor:
      • MacBook Pro with modern Intel CPU or M1
    •  Random Access Memory (RAM)
      • MacBook Pro - 8GB of RAM or Higher
    •  Storage (only available in solid state)
      • 256GB, 512GB, 1TB PCIe-based flash storage
  • Office 365

    Office 365 is available to Rutgers University students and can be downloaded here. Please note that Office 365 will only work while you are a student.

    Statistical Software
    The software listed below can be purchased from the Rutgers Software Store. There is a fee for most software downloads.

    • SAS 9.4 M6
      SAS is not compatible with Apple computers, if your course requires the use of SAS a Windows 10 computer is needed.
    • IBM SPSS 26
    • JMP Pro 15 for SAS
    • R 3.6.3
      Open Source free to download
  • Privacy: Strong login passwords; hardware encrypted USB keys and external drives.

    Administrator level account permissions: students should only login as the administrator when running updates to reduce risk of viruses.

    Automatic backup utility for all files.

    Bandwidth: Programs, like WebEx, need a minimum bandwidth of 10mbps.

    Note: iPads, tablets, Chromebooks, and Netbooks, as well as virtual operating systems, do NOT satisfy the graduate student computer requirement.

  • Headset with microphone

    Internet Connection with a bandwidth of 100mbps (the amount of connected devices in your network will affect this speed)