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Learn more about the impact our community is having on the health of people and populations. 

People walking on polluted beach.

Nanoscale plastic particles like those that permeate most food and water pass from pregnant rats to their unborn children and may impair fetal development, according to a Rutgers study that suggests the same process happens in humans.

Pregnant person in yellow shirt.

Rutgers study of cadmium in pregnant women yields crucial insights into the placenta’s role in regulating toxin exposure

People in hazmat suits in parking lot.

When it comes to disaster response and recovery operations, it is crucial that workers are prepared before there is an emergency, according to Rutgers researchers.

Person in car wearing mask and getting temperature checked.

New grant money will help the Rutgers School of Public Health strengthen the public health workforce throughout New Jersey by providing 50 percent tuition scholarships to 84 students.

Staying Connected

The Scarletter is the school's quarterly newsletter, reporting on student, alumni, faculty, and staff research, achievements, and impact.

Public Health Will Change the World

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The Burke Foundation is funding the Rutgers School of Public Health to conduct the first statewide evaluation in New Jersey of an innovative model to improve maternal infant health through group prenatal visits. It’s a promising way to deliver healthcare by bringing expectant mothers together so they can spend more time with their healthcare providers in a welcoming and supportive group setting.

HIV/AIDS Epidemic Posters

The Rutgers School of Public Health unveiled its HIV/AIDS Epidemic Art Exhibit at its Piscataway location this February. The exhibit, which commemorates early public health initiatives confronting the HIV/AIDS epidemic, sourced art from the Wellcome Collection. The display seeks to offer insight and pay tribute to the efforts of pioneering activists, researchers, and leaders who courageously fought against the effects of HIV/AIDS, laying the foundation for our ongoing endeavors.