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Environmental and Occupational Health and Justice

Faculty & Staff

Helmut Zarbl, PhD, ATS Fellow
Director, Environmental and Occupational Health Science Institute
Chair & Professor
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health and Justice

Mark Budolfson, PhD Assistant Professor.
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Julie Caruth, MD, MPH Assistant Professor.
Occupational health

Jose Guillermo Cedeno Laurent, MSc, ScD Assistant Professor.
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Philip Demokritou, PhD Henry Rutgers Chair; Director of the Division of Environmental & Population Health Biosciences; Vice Chair of the Dept. of Environmental Occupational Health & Justice (ENOJ); Director of ENOJ Concentrations.
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Nancy Fiedler, PhD Professor.
Neurotoxicant health effects; stress; cognitive and behavioral health effects; child development and neurotoxicant exposure; ethics of human subjects research.
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Panos Georgopoulos, PhD Professor.
Mathematical modeling of multimedia transport, fate and uptake of environmental pollutants – photochemical oxidants; air toxics; pesticides; solvents; heavy metals; nanomaterials; spores and pollens; physiologically-based pharmacokinetics; inhalation, ingestion and dermal absorption dosimetry; mechanistic pharmacodynamics; virtual tissues; computational systems toxicology and toxicogenomic.
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Jun-Yan Hong, PhD Professor.
Impact of genetic factors on an individual's susceptibility to environmental diseases

Yi-hua Jan, PhD Assistant Professor.
Metabolism of xenobiotics, chemical redox cycling, cellular and biochemical mechanisms of chemical toxicity, developing countermeasures against organophospate intoxication and sulfur mustard exposure
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Howard M. Kipen, MD, MPH Professor.
Air pollution; indoor air quality; biomarkers; cardiorespiratory effects of air pollution; multiple chemical sensitivities.
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Koshy Koshy, PhD Assistant Professor.
Workplace safety; occupational safety; environmental health.
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Jeffrey Laskin, PhD Distinguished Professor.
Chemical toxicity; exposure to the sun and ultraviolet light; carcinogenesis; cancer chemotherapy
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Robert J. Laumbach, MD, MPH, CIH Associate Professor.
Occupational and environmental respiratory diseases; medically-unexplained illness.
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Michael Pratt, MD Assistant Professor.
Occupational Medicine
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Wendy M. Purcell, PhD Professor.
social equity, the knowledge economy, and sustainable development
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Stephan Schwander, MD, PhD Associate Professor.
Global public health; urban public health, tuberculosis; Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb) immune responses; transmission of M.tb in communities; environmental health; air pollution particulate matter; particulate matter effects on human host immunity against M.tb.
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Derek Shendell, DEnv, MPH, AB Professor.
Child environmental health; youth/young worker safety and health; personal chemical exposures; asthma; injury; surveillance.
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Iris G. Udasin, MD Professor.
Blood-borne pathogens; indoor air quality; hazardous waste workers; violence in the workplace.
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Helmut Zarbl, PhD, ATS Fellow Director, Environmental and Occupational Health Science Institute; Chair & Professor.
Environmental and occupational health; environmental carcinogenesis; mutagenesis; toxicogenomics; chemoprevention; circadian rhythm; shift work; endocrine disruptors; zeranol; genetics; epigenetics; toxicogenetics; DNA repair; transactional regulation; community engagement.
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