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Office Students with Disabilities


No program or activity administered by the University shall exclude from participation, admission, treatment or employment, or deny benefits to, or subject to discrimination any qualified individual solely by reason of his or her disability.

Qualified individuals are those persons who, with reasonable accommodation, are capable of performing the essential functions of the position in question in accordance with University policies, applicable laws and regulations.


 Such accommodations impose undue hardship to the institution, or

 Direct threats of substantial harm to the health and safety of the individual or others cannot be eliminated by any reasonable accommodations available that would allow the student to perform essential functions, or

 Such accommodations fundamentally alter the educational program or academic standards.

Students requesting accommodation(s) should make their needs known to the Office of Disability Services, 848-445-6800, 800-852-7899 [TTY only], 800-852-7897[voice only]) as soon as possible after joining the School and before enrolling in classes where accommodations will be needed. This enables the School to plan appropriately. Documentation of disability is required.