Latest NewsGRE Information: The GRE is not required for MPH applications. Due to COVID-19, the GRE is being waived for MS and PhD applications through the spring of 2021. Learn more.



How many total credits is the MPH degree program?

The MPH degree program is 45 credits.

What is WES, what does WES mean, how do I contact WES? Why must I provide a WES report?

All foreign/international applicants are required to submit to our office an official transcript/academic credential evaluation. Among agencies providing this service is the World Education Service, Inc. (WES). For a fee, WES will evaluate all of your formal academic credentials and university transcripts and provide an official “course-by-course” report that shows U.S. semester credits, grade equivalents, and an U.S. grade point average (GPA). We need this translation to evaluate your academic background and potential to complete a graduate program of study. To obtain an Application for Evaluation, instruction for submitting official documents, and a details explanation of WES services, please contact (800) 937-3895.

How can I have the GRE requirement waived?

The GRE requirement is waived for applicants who have a doctorate from an accredited school in the U.S. or Canada. An applicant may also submit any of the following for the GRE: MCAT, GMAT, DAT, Step I of the USMLE or have U.S. or Canadian Medical Board Certification. There are no other exceptions for those students applying for matriculation. (All MS in Health Outcomes, Policy and Economics degree applicants must submit GRE scores.)

If I am accepted to a particular campus and I accept the offer, am I obligated to take all my courses on that campus only?

No, you may take certain courses on any campus of the Rutgers School of Public Health. Naturally, it is assumed that a majority of the classes will be on the campus you selected.

What is the difference between “matriculated” and “non-matriculated?”

Matriculated means that you are an individual enrolled in a particular degree program at a college or university. Non-matriculated means that you are an individual taking courses for academic review and future matriculation status, if you meet the requirements stipulated in your acceptance letter.

Where can I find the research interest of the faculty?

Faculty are listed by name and research interest under each department as well as in the Catalog under Administration, Centers, and Faculty. Click here for the current catalog.