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Practice Experience

There are two curricula that fulfill the Practice Experience requirements at the Rutgers School of Public Health. Your enrollment date is what dictates which course you should register for.

The Applied Practice Experience (APE) is a carefully planned and supervised learning experience. It connects the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom with the practice of public health. It is a required component of the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree. The APE can provide students with the opportunity to acquire, develop, and improve communication skills, project management skills, and problem-solving skills through the implementation of public health methodologies, principles, and techniques. Moreover, it promotes hands-on public health practice, the exploration of career options, and strengthen a network with other public health professionals.

The Practicum Capstone is also a required component of the MPH degree that demonstrates synthesis of foundational and concentration competencies. Students in consultation with a faculty advisor select foundational and concentration-specific competencies appropriate to the student’s educational and professional goals. The Practicum Capstone represents a culminating experience where the student produces a high-quality written product that is appropriate for the student’s educational and professional objectives.

Applied Practice Experience/Capstone – Enrolled After Fall 2018

Applied Practice Experience – PRAC 0715 (APE) is a 0-credit requirement where students engage in hands-on public health practice at a community-based organization under the mentorship of a faculty member and the supervision of a preceptor.

Eligibility to register for Applied Practice Experience – PRAC 0715: Students are expected to enroll in APE once they have completed Principles and Methods of Epidemiology – PHCO 0502, Introduction to Biostatistics – PHCO 0504, their concentration specific core course, and submission of a final, signed APE Learning Agreement. Students are encouraged to check with their faculty advisor if it is unclear what their concentration specific core course is. Students are also encouraged to consult with their academic advisors and consider when they will be registering for their capstone course and do the APE course 1-2 semesters before they start their Practicum Capstone course. Once students complete and submit the APE Learning Agreement to Canvas with all appropriate signatures, they will be registered by the Office of Community Engagement and Public Health Practice.

Practicum Capstone – PRAC 0716 (3-credits)/PRAC 0717 (1.5-credits, required two times) is a course where a student works with a Rutgers SPH faculty advisor to produce a written report on an original public health research question.

Eligibility to Register for Practicum Capstone – PRAC 0716 (3-credits)/PRAC 0717 (1.5-credits, required two times): Students are expected to enroll in Practicum Capstone once they have successfully completed the APE. They are expected to do this near or at the end of their MPH curriculum.

Practicum I/IIA/IIB – Enrolled After Fall 2016 & Prior to Fall 2018

Practicum is comprised of six total credits and consists of three parts: Practicum I (PRAC I), a 1-credit planning phase, and Practicum IIA/IIB (PRAC IIA/IIB), a 5-credit implementation phase.

Eligibility to Register for Practicum: Full-time students are expected to start this process in the second semester of their first year. This schedule gives them the ability to graduate in two years if enrolled full-time. Part-time students can register after they have completed nine credits. Students will be registered by the Office of Practice Coordinator.

Students must first register for PRAC I (1 credit) and when they have successfully completed this planning stage they may register for PRAC IIA (2 credits). Once the deliverables for PRAC IIA have been completed, students may register for PRAC IIB (3 credits).

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