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About the Doctor of Pharmacy / Master of Public Health (PHARMD/MPH) Dual-Degree

In partnership with Rutgers Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, the School of Public Health offers pharmacy students the opportunity to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) alongside a Master of Public Health (MPH). PharmD/MPH students will build on their pharmacy training with a sound understanding of public health fields, such as organization of health services, pharmacoepidemiology, healthcare policy, biostatistics and health education.

The PharmD/MPH is available only for select, highly-qualified PharmD candidates in EMSOP. The program provides EMSOP students with a pathway to complete both the PharmD and the MPH in less time than it would take to complete both degrees sequentially. Students will continue full-time study in the PharmD program and graduate on time with their classmates. However, by taking select MPH core courses while in the PharmD program, these students will be able to complete the MPH with approximately one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study, immediately following the completion of the PharmD degree.


New Brunswick with the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy


Application to the PharmD/MPH dual-degree program is limited to students who have already been accepted and are enrolled at Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy. Students interested in the dual PharmD/MPH degree program should first contact the EMSOP PharmD/MPH Program Director, Dr. Carol S. Goldin, EMSOP Associate Dean for Assessment, to discuss their qualifications and certify their eligibility. Elibigle students must have demonstrated both a mature attitude and superior academic achievement.

Once certified, interested PharmD students may apply directly to the Rutgers School of Public Health beginning in the spring semester of the first year (P1) of the PharmD professional program. The GRE requirement is waived. Students who want to take MPH courses prior to acceptance into the PharmD/MPH dual-degree program may register for up to two MPH courses, or six credits, as a Visiting Student.
Application for this degree program is available through a School of Public Health campus office.


To take full advantage of the dual-degree program, PharmD students, starting after the first professional year, will take the five required MPH core courses while they are still in the PharmD program. Two of the MPH core courses (excluding PHCO 0503) will serve as substitutes for two pharmacy professional electives. The remaining three required core courses will be taken in addition to courses required for the PharmD. MPH core courses are offered in the evening or late afternoon during Fall and Spring semesters. Some are also offered in the summer or online. (MPH core courses may not be taken during the fourth professional year in the PharmD program, since students will have to complete eight five-week advanced pharmacy practice rotations.) Dual-degree students will be given six transfer credits as electives in the MPH program for their PharmD coursework in the biological sciences and three credits for one more PharmD course (selection of course to be transferred depends on MPH track). Visit the MPH degree webpage or each department's webpage for more information about the MPH curriculum. Also visit EMSOP's PharmD/MPH webpage for more information.

Program Directors for PharmD/MPH Dual Degree with Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy:
At the School of Public Health: Kitaw Demissie, MD, PhD
At the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy: Carol S. Goldin, PhD