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About the Master of Business Administration / Master of Public Health (MBA/MPH) Dual-Degree

In partnership with Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick, the School of Public Health offers business students the opportunity to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) alongside a Master of Public Health (MPH). MBA/MPH students will build on their business training with a sound understanding of public health fields; and prepare students for administrative positions in the growing sector targeting cost-effective health care and public health approaches.


New Brunswick and Newark with Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick
*Only the Health Systems & Policy concentration at the School of Public Health is currently participating in this dual-degree.


Interested applicants in the MBA/MPH dual-degree program must apply separately to each school. Once a student has been admitted to both programs, he/she is then identified as an MBA/MPH dual-degree student.

Application for this degree program is available through a School of Public Health campus office.

  MPH Admission Requirements: For the MPH, interested applicants must submit a paper (hard-copy) application; applicants should not apply through SOPHAS. Students must complete the application form, personal essay, and provide two letters of recommendation, submit test scores (GREs or GMA T are accepted), formal transcripts, and the application fee to the Rutgers School of Public Health.
  MBA Admission Requirements: For the MBA, applicants are required to submit an online application and select the MBA/MPH dual-degree option. Students must then pay the application fee, submit a copy of their resume, official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended, a two page essay, two letters of recommendation, and test scores (the MBA accepts both the GRE and the GMAT) to the Rutgers School of Business.

Program Contact for MPH/MBA Dual Degree: Rhonda Barnes


For the MPH degree, students are required to complete 15 credits of School of Public Health core courses, 15 credits of department required courses and 6 credits of fieldwork. Up to nine credits of MBA courses will fulfill School of Public Health courses. MBA courses must have a grade of B or better in order to transfer. Identification of the three courses from a student's MBA transcript will be done in consultation with the Department Chair and the student. This reduces the number of credits for the MPH from 45 to 36. Visit the MPH degree webpage, the Department of Health Systems and Policy's webpage, or the Department of Urban Health Administration's webpage, for more information about the MPH curriculum.

For the MBA degree, students are required to complete 28 credits of Core Courses and 20 credits of Elective Courses. The MBA program will accept up to four (4) MPH courses or twelve (12) credits towards the MBA in lieu of the MBA core course Organizational Behavior. If a student waives the Organizational Behavior course, then he/she may only transfer in a total of three (3) HSAP courses from the MPH degree for a total of nine (9) transfer credits toward the elective area. The MBA program does not designate specific courses that may be transferred as general electives. However, all of these courses must be 'B' or better. This reduces the number of credits for the MBA from 60 to 48 (28 credits of core courses, 20 credits of elective courses). Visit the MBA degree webpage for more information about the MBA curriculum.

Both programs may be completed on a full- and/ or part-time basis.

Program Contacts for MBA/MPH Dual Degree:
At the School of Public Health: Kamal Kornegay, Director of Admissions and Recruitment
At Rutgers Business School: Graduate Admissions Office