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Office of Global Programs

Created in 2019, the Office of Global Programs at Rutgers School of Public Health supports scholars with the opportunity to expand their learning abroad. Aligned with the School’s mission, goals, and pillars, the program places emphasis on developing the individual into public health leaders, exposing students and faculty to global cultures while promoting health and education in diverse communities.

Global Opportunities

The Office of Global Programs is committed to offering students and faculty the opportunity to participate in immerse experiences that expand their knowledge, develop their research, and formulate diverse worldviews. Alongside Academic departments, such experiences include, but are not limited to:

  • Faculty and Student exchange programs
  • Faculty-led Study Abroad Courses
  • Joint Courses (in-person and/or using distance technology)
  • Applied Practice Experiences
  • Practicum Capstone Projects

Study Abroad (by semester)

Summer 2023

Food and Mediterranean Culture
Dates: Friday, May 26 to Saturday, June 10, 2023
Location: Athens, Nafplion, and Kalamata, Greece

This course will provide in-depth knowledge and analysis of food production and consumption in the Mediterranean region using a food systems approach. Students will learn about the various components of the Mediterranean Diet pattern, its health, economic, social, and environmental considerations, and trade-offs, as well as how to measure its adherence. Through a combination of in-class lectures and experiential learning, students will gain a deep understanding of the historical, cultural culinary aspects of food production and consumption in the Mediterranean region.

Migration in the European Context: Challenges for Public Health
Dates: Friday, July 7 to Saturday, July 22, 2023
Locations: Athens and Lesvos, Greece

This course provides a broad spectrum of theoretical knowledge on issues related to migrants’ health and the related policies in a European context – having as a background “scene” the 2015 migration crisis in Greece. In addition, it provides an opportunity for students to be on the field and interact with those who provide health care to newly arrived migrants/refugees in the island of Chios, one of the entry points in Greece. Thus, students can build a comprehensive multi-sectorial approach in issues related to migrant/refugee health.

Spring 2024

Public Health Aspects of HIV Prevention and Care
Dates to Attend Abroad: Monday, January 1 to Friday, January 13, 2024
Locations: London, England

Students will consider the evolution of the HIV/AIDS epidemics in the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) health systems using a public health lens and with consideration to population-based health promotion strategies. The course utilizes an experiential learning approach and a biopsychosocial framework that emphasizes on evidence-supported HIV prevention and care. Students will engage with AIDS service organizations in London and New Jersey, health care facilities, and guest speakers, all with an eye to bring an end to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Some work required before traveling to the site in January and some work will be due after returning.


Christine Oller
Coordinator, Global Programs
Rutgers School of Public Health

Financial Aid opportunities: There will be opportunities for financial assistant for Rutgers SPH students sponsored by Rutgers SPH. Students will have the opportunity to apply for these opportunities and will be selected based on a combination of need and merit.

Additional scholarship opportunities for all students, through Rutgers Global, can be found here.

Important Dates (Summer Courses)

February 15, 2023 State of intent to enroll (non-binding) due
March 1, 2023 Rutgers Global Application due
March 15, 2023 Non-refundable deposit due to Rutgers Global ($350)
April 2023 Pre-departure information sessions
May through July, 2023 Attend Abroad Course

Important Dates (Spring Courses)