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DrPH Applied Practice Experience

The 3-credit DrPH Applied Practice Experience (PRAC 0730) is a required component of the Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree and is a carefully planned and supervised practice experience. Students enroll in PRAC 0730 after the DrPH coursework is completed. The DrPH Applied Practice Experience connects the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom with the pragmatic application of the practice of public health. The DrPH Applied Practice Experience should provide the student with a significant advanced-level practical experience that includes collaborating with practitioners, developing and applying leadership competencies, and contributing to the field.

Regardless of the amount or level of prior experience, all DrPH students will engage in PRAC 0730 DrPH Applied Practice Experience (3 credits). Students will be responsible for the completion of at least one project that is meaningful for an organization and advances public health practice. The work product may be a single project or a set of related projects that demonstrate a depth of skills and expertise. The DrPH Applied Practice Experience must address a minimum of five DrPH foundational and/or concentration-specific competencies which are assessed through the experience. Competencies addressed may differ from student to student.The DrPH Applied Practice Experience must also contain a reflective component that includes the student’s expression of personal and/or professional reactions to the experience. This may be undertaken at the student’s current workplace as long as the project is not part of their regular job responsibilities and approved by their academic advisor.

The DrPH Applied Practice Experience (PRAC 0730) is required for students enrolling Fall 2020 and after.