DrPH Practicum

The DrPH Practicum experience is a required component of the Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree and is a carefully planned and supervised practice experience. The DrPH Practicum experience connects the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom with the pragmatic application of the practice of public health. The DrPH Practicum experience can provide the student with the opportunity to acquire, develop and improve communication skills, project management skills and problem solving skills using public health methods, principles and techniques. Moreover, it promotes hands-on public health practice, the exploration of career options and generates contacts with other public health professionals.

The specific goal/purpose of DrPH practicum/practice experience is to allow each DrPH student to further develop the core DrPH competencies in advocacy, communication and interaction with people across diverse communities, critical analysis, management, leadership, professionalism and ethics.

The DrPH Practicum experience requirement supports the development of skills; assists in the demonstration of the application of these concepts through a practice experience relevant to the student’s area of concentration; and, reflects the student’s understanding of the academic principles studied in class.

DrPH Practicum experience is a public health practice experience completed outside of one's job responsibilities. It is preferred that DrPH Practicum experience be conducted outside of one’s work; however, students may, with approval from their DrPH Practicum experience Faculty Advisor, conduct their DrPH Practicum experience projects where they are employed. Students may not do a DrPH Practicum experience project that is part of their usual job title/responsibilities, or within their routine work setting, or under the direction of their current supervisor.

**UPDATE** Please note we are not accepting applications to the DrPH degree program for the 2017-2018 academic year as we revise the DrPH curriculum. The PhD degree program is accepting applications.