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Academic Calendar

Spring 2020 Academic Calendar

Tuesday, January 21 Spring Semester Begins
Saturday, March 14 - Sunday, March 22 Spring Break
Monday, May 11 Classes End
Wednesday, May 13 GRADES DUE!
Friday, May 15 School of Public Health Convocation
Sunday, May 17 Rutgers University Commencement

Summer 2020 Academic Calendar

Tuesday, May 26 Summer Session 1 Begins
Monday, July 6 Summer Session 1 Ends
Monday, July 13 GRADES DUE! (Summer Session 1)
Wednesday, July 8 Summer Session 2 Begins
Tuesday, August 18 Summer Session 2 Ends
Friday, August 21 GRADES DUE! (Summer Session 2)

Fall 2020 Academic Calendar

Wednesday, September 2 Fall Semester Begins
Monday, September 7 Labor Day (No Classes)
Wednesday, November 25 - Sunday, November 29 Thanksgiving Recess
Monday, December 21 Classes End
Monday, January 4 GRADES DUE!

Withdrawal/Refund and Registration Calendar

Spring 2020 Registration Calendar

November 18 Spring Registration Begins
January 6 - January 10 Visitor and Non-Matriculating Student Registration
January 20 Spring Registration Ends
January 21 - February 3

Late registration and add/drops for all students
All business must be conducted through the Office of the Registrar

Spring 2020 Withdrawal/Refund Schedule

Students who stop attending their courses without processing an Add/Drop Course form will receive a failing grade. Furthermore, students dropping to zero credits for the semester are considered withdrawn and must submit a Leave of Absence. If you do not register for any courses or submit a leave of absence you will be administratively withdrawn from the School of Public Health.
November 18 - February 3 100% refund for all dropped courses and no class recorded.
February 3 Last day to add a course to existing schedule
Last day to drop course w/o "W" grade if not withdrawing in full
February 4 - February 10 80% refund for all dropped courses and a W grade recorded.
February 11 - February 17 60% refund for all dropped courses and a W grade recorded.
February 18 - February 24 40% refund for all dropped courses and a W grade recorded.
February 25 - March 2 0% refunds and a grade of W recorded

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