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Required Courses for Work-Based Learning (formerly Structured Learning Experiences) Supervision

*For the 2022-2023 school year*
Please note each of these four trainings with NJ Safe Schools Program and our formal Interagency Alliance for Young Worker Safety and Health will be online. We use Rutgers Canvas learning management system (asynchronous learning) plus a virtual synchronous “live session” for three of the four courses near the end of the cohort’s time period (you will have two options to choose from at registration in Rutgers ANCOR). Each course description remains the same. Participants will become part of a cohort of NJ secondary school educational professionals seeking supervisory certification for follow-up with each other after. You must complete the four required work-based learning online courses during the same cohort. For the live sessions, please select the same virtual live session date to complete the three live sessions for the NJ Wage and Hour, Designing and Implementing Student Training Plans, and OSHA 10+ General Industry courses on the same day. The Federal Wage and Hour course does not include a virtual live session. You must be available between 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM on the live session date you choose.

Inclement Weather Information:
In the event of a NJ Safe Schools training having a delayed opening or being cancelled, a message will be posted on (732) 235-4988. Please call this number to find out if a training has been delayed or cancelled. We plan to post a voice message the night before or early the morning of the training day, and send an email to the entire training group. You can also call individual facilities to check operational status also. Thank you.

Courses Required for Supervising SLE:
The following courses are required for those certified teachers only who are applying for a cooperative education coordinator certificate-hazardous occupations, a cooperative education coordinator certificate, or an apprenticeship coordinator certificate, or who are appointed to coordinate structured learning experiences (SLE). Please note if you are a school social worker, nurse or other professional potentially interested in taking one or more SLE courses, please contact NJDOE concerning eligibility requirements. If you have any other questions, please contact NJDOE.

Please also note the following important instructions:
The NJ Safe Schools Program requires individuals who attend trainings to adhere to a business casual dress code. Participants in NJ Safe Schools Program trainings should please refrain from wearing any of the following: shorts, flip-flops, tube tops, midriff-baring clothing, extremely short skirts, and any other "beach wear." Sneakers, jeans, T-shirts, and nice sandals are acceptable if in good condition.

The NJ Safe Schools Program, and NJ Interagency Alliance for Young Worker Safety and Health agency partners, also requests each attendee to turn off or silence any phones, pagers or other mobile electronic devices while training content is being conducted. Participants in NJ Safe Schools Program trainings should refrain from using these devices during the training days except during breaks and lunch. While we understand that emergencies happen, we request anyone who must take a phone call or reply to a text/e-mail to leave the room quietly and do it outside, in accordance with other stated facility procedures.

There are no refunds for SLE courses paid by personal check or district/school check in advance; however, you may move to another open training date for the same SLE course in the same calendar year.

Videos describing the SLE courses and registration process (download free software Silverlight to view)
Part 1: Eligibility, Certification & Registration
Part 2: How the Required Courses Apply to SLE Supervision
Part 3: SLE Supervision Basics
Part 4: Website Text: Additional Resources and Contact Information

Please note:
As of 2018-19 SY, the SLE Refresher is offered as a free online course on the Rutgers Canvas learning management system. Teachers, supervisors and other staff working in NJ K-12 public and charter plus certain private secondary schools will receive professional development units upon completing the course. If you are interested in enrolling and completing the SLE Refresher course, please email the New Jersey Safe Schools office at or call at (732) 235-9095 or -4988

Please note:
As of March 2019, the NJ Safe Schools Program provides a formal memo to those who have completed the required SLE courses. The formal memo is on NJ Safe Schools Program stationary and lists completed SLE courses and, if applicable, other free topical courses completed online. At present, those who have completed the required SLE courses from the 2014-2015 school year to the present can also request this service. This memo is meant to assist SLE coordinators/teachers and the districts and schools who employ them, not the NJDOE.

If you are interested in receiving this formal SLE memo for a nomial fee of $10, please email the NJ Safe Schools office at or call at (732) 235-9095 or -4988. Payment must be made by personal check - no purchase orders or credit cards accepted, and payment is due first.