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Wage, Uniforms, and Deductions

Uniforms and Deductions

  • Deductions to an employee’s paycheck are not permitted.
  • These unpermitted deductions are commonly seen as:
    • Missing or a shortage of cash (register) or merchandise
    • Employer required uniforms
    • Necessary work tools
  • If a uniform cannot be worn as street clothes – for example, it has a company logo-- then it must be provided and paid for by the employer.
  • Deductions are illegal if they:
    • Reduce wages of employees below minimum wage or reduce the amount of overtime pay due; and,
    • Purchase personal protective equipment/gear (PPE) required for the worker to prevent exposure to hazards.



  • United States (Federal) Minimum Wage = $7.25
  • New Jersey Minimum Wage = $14.13 (as of 1/1/2023)
    • The minimum wage is expected to rise again 1/1/2019.
    • Any job in New Jersey (NJ) must pay the NJ minimum wage.
  • When working for tips, the tips must equal the legal minimum wage for your state.
    • Example: Minimum wage $2.13 + tip credit up to $6.47 per hour = $8.60