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Quiz on Salon Safety and Health Knowledge Awareness

We created a quiz on Salon Safety and Health Knowledge Awareness. The intent of this quiz is to highlight issues not captured in the RTK brochures because of space limitations. In addition, this teaching tool is intended to be a starting point for discussions between cosmetology teachers and their students about the risks for young adults working in salons. The NJ Safe Schools Program developed this quiz in collaboration with the Center for Young Worker Safety and Health, Georgia Tech Research Institute.

This quiz is intended to be fun and educational and is set up like a quiz in a magazine. Each question will have a point given for a correct answer and zero points if answered incorrectly. At the end of the quiz, students will sum their overall score based on the number of questions answered correctly to identify their “Salon Safety Aptitude” expressed by phrases created for our quiz; phrases match score ranges. This quiz can be administered by paper or on the web.

If you are interested in using this teaching tool, please contact us at 732-235-4988 or email at for detailed information and instructions on how to administer the quiz.

Salon Safety Quiz Publications:
Since its creation in 2012, NJ Safe Schools has published three peer-reviewed articles evaluating the impacts of using the “Salon Safety Quiz” as a general assessment of safety and health knowledge in cosmetology as well as a pre-/post- assessment tool for young adults undergoing the NJ Safe Schools Young Worker Safety and Health Training for the Cosmetology Industry at various career-technical-vocational/comprehensive high schools in New Jersey. Please follow the links below to learn more about how the “Salon Safety Quiz” has been used and its results.

Assessing safety and health knowledge and awareness of young cosmetology students using a Salon Safety Quiz
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The “Salon Safety Quiz” for pre-/post-evaluation assessment when training young cosmetology workers in public secondary schools
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Evaluation of a secondary school cosmetology safety and health training's effectiveness after implementation of a hierarchy of controls “pyramid game” using the “salon safety quiz”
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