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Health Behavior, Society & Policy

Faculty Profile

  • Michael Gusmano, PhD, MA

  • Professor
    Director, Health Systems & Policy Concentration

  • Department of Health Behavior, Society and Policy

  • CV

Health policy; access to health care; health reform; Medicare; Medicaid; population aging; comparative health policy; global health; long-term care; bioethics.

Dr. Gusmano has a PhD in political science from
the University of Maryland at College Park and a
Masters Degree in public policy from the State
University of New York at Albany. From 1995-1997,
he was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Scholar in Health Policy at Yale University.

Research Interests
Dr. Gusmano's research interests include the politics of health care reform, comparative health systems, and normative theories of policy analysis. He is the Co-Director of the World Cities Project (WCP), which compares health status and quality of life, informal support and social networks, health and social services, and longterm care -- both within and among these cities. The first book from this project Growing Older in World Cities: New York, London, Paris and Tokyo (Vanderbilt University Press 2006), explored how cities are addressing the needs of their aging populations. The second book from the WCP, Health Care in World Cities (Johns Hopkins University Press 2010), documents the implications of national and local health care policies for access to care in New York, London and Paris. Dr. Gusmano's research also explores the politics of health technology assessment. In his book with Karen Maschke, Debating Modern Medical Technologies: The Politics of Safety, Effectiveness and Patient Access (ABCClio/ Praeger 2018), they explore disputes about the evidence used to evaluate new medical technologies. In the Governance of Emerging Technologies: Aligning Policy Analysis with the Public’s Values (funded by the National Science Foundation), Gusmano and Gregory Kaebnick advance the understanding of how cost-benefit analysis handles the public’s values. In this 2018 special issue of the Hastings Center Report, they outline a new approach to technology assessment that incorporates a refined understanding of precaution. Building on these findings, Gusmano and colleagues at the Hastings Center have received a new National Science Foundation grant to investigate innovative approaches to engaging the public in deliberations about new technologies.

Research Highlights

The World Cities Project, which Dr. Gusmano Co-Directs, represents the first effort to compare the performance of health, social and long-term care systems in Hong Kong, London, Moscow, New Delhi, New York City, Paris, São Paulo, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Dr. Gusmano's research with Dr. Frank Thompson illustrates the evolving role of the administrative presidency in shaping health policy in the U.S. Their first article on this topic won the best article award from the American Political Science Association's Organized Section on Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations.

Dr. Gusmano's research with Dr. Gregory Kaebnick provides an innovative critique of the value assumptions adopted by standard techniques used in policy analysis, including costbene fit analysis and risk assessment.

Select Publications
Gusmano, M. K. (2019) "Physician Advocacy for Public Health", J Health Polit Policy Law Vol. 44

Maschke , K., Gusmano, M. K. (2018) "", Debating Modern Medical Care Technologies: The Politics of Safety, Effectiveness and Patient Access Vol. 0

Miller, E. A., Nadash , P., Gusmano, M. K. (2018) "The state of aging policy and politics in the Trump era", Journal of Aging and Social Policy Vol. 20 The state of aging policy and politics in the Trump era

Kaebnick , G. E., Gusmano, M. K. (2018) "Governance of Emerging Technologies: Aligning Policy Analysis with Social Values", Hastings Center Report Vol. 48

Gusmano, M. K., Strumpf, E., Fiset- Laniel, J., Weisz, D., Rodwin, V. G. (2018) "Comparative analysis of health system performance in Montreal and New York: the importance of context for interpreting indicators", Health Economics, Policy and Law Vol. 14

Thompson, F., Gusmano, M., Shinohara, S. (2018) "Trump and the Affordable Care Act: Congressional Repeal Efforts, Executive Federalism, and Program Durability", Publius: The Journal of Federalism Vol. 48

Gusmano, M. K., Grafova, I. (2018) "Financing Long-Term Care", American Affairs Vol. 2

Gusmano, M. K., Okma, K. (2018) "Population Aging and the Sustainability of the Welfare State.", The Hastings Center Report Vol. 48

Gusmano, M. K., Rodwin, V. G., Weisz, D. (2018) "Medicare Beneficiaries Living In Housing With Supportive Services Experienced Lower Hospital Use Than Others.", Health Affairs Vol. 37

Scholarly Activities
Editorial Board Member, World Medical & Health Policy Journal

Editorial Board Member, the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

Editorial Committee, The Hastings Center Report

Associate Editor, Health Economics, Policy and Law

International Editor, Journal of Aging & Social Policy

Excellence in Teaching Award - Rutgers University School of Public Health Student Government Organization (2018) - The Excellence in Teaching Award is presented annually to a full-time faculty member committed to quality teaching.

The Journal of Federalism Best Article Award - American Political Science Association Organized Section on Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations’ Publius (2015) - Awarded for “The Administrative Presidency and Fractious Federalism: The Case of Obamacare” (with Frank Thompson), at the APSA Annual Meeting.

Hope Award for Advocacy - RESOLVE: The Infertility Association (2014) - Awarded to the Hastings Center and Yale School of Medicine for the project on Fertility Treatment and Multiple Births by Josephine Johnston, Michael K. Gusmano and Pasquale Patrizio).

The Callahan Fund Award - The Hastings Center (2013) - Awarded for research and excellence.

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