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  • Olivia Wackowski, PhD, MPH

  • Associate Professor

  • Department of Health Behavior, Society and Policy

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Tobacco control; tobacco regulatory science; tobacco risk perceptions; tobacco marketing; e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco; menthol cigarettes; tobacco warnings; health and risk communication; qualitative research; content analysis

PhD (Public Health, Health Education and Behavioral Science), Rutgers School of Public Health, 2011     MPH (Health Education and Behavioral Science), Rutgers School of Public Health, 2003   BA (Biology), Rutgers College, Rutgers University, 2001

Research Interests
Dr. Wackowski is a health behavioral scientist with a research concentration in the area of tobacco control. Her research interests lie in the area of tobacco communication, tobacco product perceptions, risk perceptions, and product use trends. She uses both qualitative methods (interviews, focus groups, content analysis) and quantitative methods (survey research, randomized experiments) to: (1) characterize the types and content of tobacco-related communications to which the public are exposed to, (2) study the potential impact of exposure to these communications on peoples’ tobacco-related attitudes, beliefs, risk perceptions and behaviors and (3) develop effective communications to improve public health and impact tobacco control policies. Much of her research is geared towards informing tobacco control policy, including FDA regulation of tobacco, and fits under the scope of tobacco regulatory science. 

Select Publications
OA Wackowski,KR Evans,MB Harrell,A Loukas,MJ Lewis,CD Delnevo,CL Perry (2018) "In Their Own Words: Young Adults' Menthol Cigarette Initiation, Perceptions, Experiences and Regulation Perspectives.", Nicotine & tobacco research : official journal of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco 20(5) 1076-1084

OA Wackowski,MJ Lewis,CD Delnevo,PM Ling (2013) "A content analysis of smokeless tobacco coverage in U.S. newspapers and news wires.", Nicotine & Tobacco Research 15(5) 1289-1296

OA Wackowski,CD Delnevo (2015) "Smokers' attitudes and support for e-cigarette policies and regulation in the USA.", Tobacco Control 24(5) 543-546

OA Wackowski,MT Bover Manderski,CD Delnevo (2015) "Smokers' sources of e-cigarette awareness and risk information.", Preventive medicine reports 2(5) 906-910

OA Wackowski,CD Delnevo (2016) "Young Adults' Risk Perceptions of Various Tobacco Products Relative to Cigarettes: Results From the National Young Adult Health Survey.", Health Education & Behavior 43(5) 328-336

OA Wackowski,D Hammond,RJ O'Connor,AA Strasser,CD Delnevo (2016) "Smokers' and E-Cigarette Users' Perceptions about E-Cigarette Warning Statements.", International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 13(5) 655-

OA Wackowski,MTB Manderski,MJ Lewis,CD Delnevo (2019) "The Impact of Smokeless Tobacco Risk Information on Smokers' Risk Perceptions and Use Intentions: A News Media Experiment.", Health Communication 34(5) 325-332

Early Career Public Health Research Award - Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (2018) - This annual award recognizes an outstanding early-career investigator who is a graduate public health faculty member at an ASPPH member school or program of public health.

Delta Omega - Honorary Society in Public Health (2012) - This honorary society recognizes outstanding achievement in the field.