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Health Behavior, Society & Policy

Faculty Profile

  • Joye C. Anestis, PhD

  • Associate Professor

  • Department of Health Behavior, Society and Policy

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psychopathy, externalizing, personality, assessment, suicide, mental health treatment outcomes

Joye Anestis received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Florida State University, where she studied under Dr. Joyce Carbonell. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at the Minneapolos VAHCS. Her research focuses on two broad and often overlapping domains: 1) factors which impact the expression and measurement of externalizing traits and behaviors and 2) ways to improve access to and the outcome of mental health interventions. She serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Personality Assessment.

Research Highlights

Within the area of externalizing traits/domains, Dr. Anestis focuses on factors that impact the expression of externalizing symptoms (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity), how externalizing traits influence the expression of other behaviors (e.g., suicidality, firearm ownership), and how we measure and define externalizing problems in a variety of settings (e.g., outpatient, military, forensic).  For example, her work has expanded the construct validity evidence for psychopathy measures through examination of understudied samples such as the military and female offenders.  Her work has also contributed to the continued empirical debate around potential adaptive functions of psychopathic traits in the development of pathological symptoms and behaviors including posttraumatic stress symptoms and, most extensively, suicidal behavior.   Her secondary domain of research focuses on illuminating ways to improve access to and the outcome of mental health interventions, particular for individuals with externalizing traits and other groups who are underrepresented in mental health treatment research. Much of this work centers on individual difference variables (e.g., personality) in understanding and predicting outcomes and on the utility of personality assessment in helping illuminate these processes.  She is currently the Principal Investigator of a project examining predictive differential validity between demographic groups on the MMPI-3, funded by the University of Minnesota Press.

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