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Health Behavior, Society & Policy

Faculty Profile

  • Mark McGovern, PhD

  • Assistant Professor

  • Department of Health Behavior, Society and Policy

  • CV


Health Economics, Health Disparities, Life Cycle Effects of Inequality, Causal Inference, Quasi-experimental Methods, Missing Data

Mark McGovern received his PhD in Economics from University College Dublin, and was a Program on the Global Demography of Aging Fellow at Harvard University from 2011-2015. Prior to joining Rutgers, he was Assistant Professor at Queen''s University Belfast and the Centre of Excellence for Public Health (Northern Ireland).

Research Interests
Research agenda examining the determinants of maternal/child health, including birth weight, undernutrition/stunting, vaccines, and inequality - Analysis of the long run effects of inequality in child health and development on economic outcomes, adult health, and aging - Research agenda on the importance of HIV testing - Methodological work on policy evaluation and the development of methods for missing data which are not missing at random

Research Highlights

Mark McGovern is a health economist with research interests in maternal/child health, ageing, and HIV/AIDS. His main focus within these areas is on the life cycle impact of inequality at birth. His methodological work deals with missing data and causal inference, particularly the application of quasi-experimental approaches to address policy questions in population health related to health disparities. 

Select Publications
McGovern, M. (2019) "How much does birth weight matter for child health in developing countries? Estimates from siblings and twins.", Health economics Vol. 28

McGovern, M., Krishna, A., Aguayo, V., Subramanian, S. (2017) "A review of the evidence linking child stunting to economic outcomes.", International journal of epidemiology Vol. 46

McGovern, M., Herbst, K., Tanser, F., Mutevedzi, T., Canning, D., Gareta, D., Pillay, D., Bärnighausen, T. (2016) "Do gifts increase consent to home-based HIV testing? A difference-in-differences study in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.", International journal of epidemiology Vol. 45

McGovern, M., Bärnighausen, T., Marra, G., Radice, R. (2015) "On the assumption of bivariate normality in selection models: a Copula approach applied to estimating HIV prevalence.", Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.) Vol. 26

McGovern, M., Canning, D. (2015) "Vaccination and all-cause child mortality from 1985 to 2011: global evidence from the Demographic and Health Surveys.", American journal of epidemiology Vol. 182

Delaney, L., McGovern, M., Smith, J. (2011) "From Angela's ashes to the Celtic tiger: early life conditions and adult health in Ireland.", Journal of health economics Vol. 30

Barrington Medal - Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland (2016) - Awarded for research into disparities in child health