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Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Faculty Profile

  • Jaya Satagopan, PhD

  • Professor
    Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

  • Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology

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Cancer epidemiology, Cancer prevention, Cancer risk communication, Gene-environment interaction, Case-control design, Selective sampling designs, Bayesian methods, Ensemble learning methods

Dr. Jaya Satagopan received her PhD in Statistics from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Her research focuses on statistical genetics/genomics with applications in cancer epidemiology and tumor biology studies. Her research topics include cost-effective study designs for genome-wide studies, estimating the lifetime risk of cancer in mutation carriers, dimension reduction and Bayesian shrinkage analysis methods for evaluating multiple disease risk factors and methods for evaluating gene-exposure interactions. She recently completed a Masters degree in Science Communication and Public Engagement from the University of Edinburgh. She is establishing the Rutgers Center for South Asian Quantitative Health and Education. The Center will study the risk of cancer and allied diseases and determinants of risk in South Asian communities and develop health communications aimed at promoting cancer prevention, control and care in these communities.

Research Highlights

Dr. Jaya Satagopan has investigated parsimonious risk models for evaluating cancer risk factors. She showed that sometimes multiplicative statistical interactions between risk factors may be required in risk models to obtain a good fit to the data, and certain types of interactions can be removed by modeling the outcome on a suitable scale, thus resulting in parsimonious additive models for risk. She has developed methods for evaluating additive statistical interactions between biomarkers and treatments in relation to time-to-event endpoints and applied these to digitally extracted data from phase III clinical trials of metastatic melanoma and metastatic colorectal cancer.

Select Publications
Correa, D., Satagopan, J., Martin, A., Braun, E., Kryza-Lacombe, M., Cheung, K., Sharma, A., Dimitriadoy, S., O'Connell, K., Leong, S., Karimi, S., Lyo, J., DeAngelis, L., Orlow, I. (2019) "Genetic Variants and Cognitive Functions in Patients with Brain Tumors.", Neuro-oncology Vol. 0

Satagopan, J., Iasonos, A. (2017) "Measuring differential treatment benefit across marker specific subgroups: The choice of outcome scale.", Contemporary clinical trials Vol. 63

Olson, S., Satagopan, J., Xu, Y., Ling, L., Leong, S., Orlow, I., Saldia, A., Li, P., Nunes, P., Madonia, V., Allen, P., O'Reilly, E., Pamer, E., Kurtz, R. (2017) "The oral microbiota in patients with pancreatic cancer, patients with IPMNs, and controls: a pilot study.", Cancer causes & control : CCC Vol. 28

Scholarly Activities
Editorial Board, Genetic Epidemiology

Program Chair-Elect, Section on Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences, American Statistical Association

Board of Directors, International Genetic Epidemiology Society

Elected Fellow - American Statistical Association (2015) - Elected Fellow at American Statistical Association