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Dean's Message

Perry N. Halkitis

On behalf the faculty and the staff, I am honored to welcome you to the Rutgers School of Public Health

The Rutgers School of Public Health brings together some of our nation’s leading public health researchers, educators and practitioners. Because we are a school that embodies an interdisciplinary perspective, you will have the opportunity to work with and learn from faculty who are not only public health experts but who also bring expertise from many other domains including economics, medicine, pharmacology, psychology, and social work, to name just a few. This interprofessional perspective empowers us with the tools to consider and combat collectively some of the most vexing public health dilemmas faced by the people of New Jersey, across the United States, and around the globe. As noted in the Framing the Future document “global health is public health,” and we have as much to learn from those around the world as they do from us.

These intersections also exist in how we envision the discipline of public health, namely one that resides at the crossroads of research and practice. That is to say that the robust research program that we undertake at the school helps to inform the delivery of public health service to the field, and the experiences we have in practice setting helps to also shape the research that we undertake.

Finally, because we are part of Rutgers Biomedical and Heath Sciences, we, who conduct public health research and who utilize a population health based lens, have the opportunity to interact and work with health care providers who often apply a clinical based lens. In turn, we collectively consider the needs of both people and populations.

Our faculty embody a wealth of experience, and their programs of study address a wide array of public health challenges in populations that represent the beautiful diversity of our state, of our nation, and of our world-- tobacco control and regulatory issues, health care use and expenditures, violence prevention, antimycobacterial immunity, alcohol dependence treatment, HIV prevention, perinatal epidemiology, and statistical methodology in clinical trials, just to name a few. We are quickly also developing strength in LGBTQ as well as maternal and child health and nutrition and food scarcity.

I know you too have areas of interest. Stay true to your ideals. Recognize that the public health problems we face are not just problems of “them” or “those” or “others.” These are all of our problems, and together we must forge solutions.

And never forget that our work is focused on humanity. All of your scholarly pursuits must be directed at improving the health of humans with a respect to the diverse life experiences we all embody. If you remember that notion, your work will be honest and stellar, and it will be respected. It will be the type of work that matters.

Quite simply, at Rutgers we are keeping the public in public health!

I am confident that your studies at the Rutgers School of Public Health will prepare you well, equipping you with the skills and knowledge for the work you will undertake in the future.



Professor of Biostatistics and Urban-Global Public Health
Director, Center for Health, Identity, Behavior & Prevention Studies (CHIBPS)
Rutgers School of Public Health