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Campus Climate Assessment

During the 2019 Spring Semester, 47% of the Rutgers School of Public Health student body completed the first Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences (RBHS) Campus Climate Assessment. The Assessment gathered information on experiences of sexual harassment, perception of the university and fellow students, awareness of resources, knowledge of what to do in cases of sexual misconduct and harassment, participation in educational activities, and attitudes about sexual harassment. You can view the Dean’s message here.


  • RBHS Office for Violence Prevention & Victim Assistance (VPVA): VPVA is a free and confidential resource that provides services regarding sexual violence, dating violence, stalking, and harassment for the RBHS community. VPVA offers counseling, advocacy, education, and programming to address and prevent interpersonal violence that impacts the RBHS campus. Learn more.
  • Title IX Office: The Title IX Office support the Title IX federal law that prohibits all forms of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual violence at any institution that receives federal financial assistance. This law pertains to all academic, educational, extracurricular, athletic, and other programs occurring on-campus; or during off-campus, school-related activities. Schools are required to process all complaints of sexual violence, regardless of whether they occurred on- or off-campus, to determine whether the behavior occurred within the framework of an on- or off-campus educational program or activity and thus falls under the scope of Title IX. Learn More.
  • School of Public Health Office of Student Support Services: The Rutgers School of Public Health Student Support Services team is dedicated to facilitating the success and wellbeing of every student from recruitment to graduation. They are always a resource that you can use. Learn more.
  • RBHS Office of Academic and Student Affairs: Dedicated to serving RBHS on issues related to registration, academic records, and graduation-related activities and a resource for students and the entire community for Title IX compliance, training and reporting as well as support for victims of interpersonal violence. Learn more.

Action Plan

Develop a culture of reporting at the school, regardless of who is the perpetrator of the incident:

  • Better promotion of services and reporting structures at both the School and RBHS;
  • Improve training for faculty and staff on sexual harassment;
  • Campaign to promote how reporting builds a safer community.

Increase awareness of the services and resources available at the School:

  • Communicate clear distinction between Title IX and Violence Prevention & Victim Assistance offices;
  • Better promotion of services for victimization at any stage of life;
  • Utilize Canvas pages to share resources and messaging;
  • Deploy creative programming for survivors and to raise awareness

Educate bystanders on how they can intervene effectively:

  • Bringing in ‘Bystander’ programming to train students, faculty, and staff;
  • Employ gender harassment-centered training to ensure that students, faculty, and staff know that all incidents are serious enough to intervene;
  • Develop a better relationship between student leaders and Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance (VPVA) to increase student involvement.