Task Force

Task Force meetings were held every summer and fall from 2002 to 2011 with the goal of developing recommendations for the New Jersey (NJ) Department of Education (NJDOE) and the NJ Department of Labor (NJLWD) regarding potential occupational safety and health risks (exposures) students (ages 11-21), and in particular minors (ages 14-17) in school-sponsored career and technical education programs may encounter.

Participants in this Task Force include representatives from the NJDOE, NJLWD and other state and federal agencies, business owners, unions, non-union trade organizations, safety and health professionals, career and technical education instructors and administrators, and applied researchers.

At Task Force meetings, participants focus on job titles (trade groups) within that year's focus career cluster and related areas. Each group (selected group of jobs/trade) is asked to discuss, and make recommendations on, potential exposures/health risks; permitted versus prohibited work activities and equipment; safety and health training needed; necessary skills needed for entry level workers in this age group; and, how NJ child labor laws may be affected.

Past Task Force topics since 2002 have included:

  • Construction (2002-04, using different format from future years)
  • Food Service, including preparation and storage (2005)
  • Health Care, and allied health fields (2006)
  • Automotive and Diesel Engine Repair (2007)
  • Retail / Business and Marketing, including where food sold (2008)
  • Agricultural education, including its diversity with many pathways and programs (2009)
  • Cosmetology, including hair styling, barbering, nail care and skin care (2010, 2011, 2012)