Papers & Presentations

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Papers & Presentations

The following is a list of peer-reviewed publications based on community & school-based research or practice/training conducted by faculty & staff (including graduate student research/program assistants) of the Center For School & Community-Based Research & Education (CSCBRE) and/or New Jersey Safe Schools Program (NJ SS) as conducted and completed during spring/summer 2008-present.

Citations are listed below by calendar year of final print/online publication (else stated as “in press” with date of acceptance) in reverse chronological order.

Note: names in bold are CSCBRE and/or NJ SS at the Rutgers School of Public Health.

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  1. Shendell DG, Milich LJ, Apostolico AA, Patti AA, Kelly S. 2016-17. Comparing Online and In-person Delivery Formats of the OSHA 10-hour General Industry Health and Safety Training for Young Workers. NEW SOLUTIONS: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy, in press (as of February 3, 2017). DOI: 10.1177/1048291117697109


  1. Noomnual S, Shendell DG. 2016-17. Risk of adult street vendor exposure to traffic-related air pollution in Bangkok, Thailand. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal, in press (as of 11/7/2016).

  2. Noomnual S, Shendell DG. 2016-17. Street vendors and adverse respiratory health outcomes in Bangkok, Thailand. Safety and Health at Work, in press (as of 2/10/2017. DOI: 10.1016/

  3. Oghaghare EF, Ana GREE, Shendell DG. 2016-17. Waste Management Practices and Profile of Selected Key Green House Gases at Selected Livestock Farms in Ibadan, Nigeria. Journal Environmental Science and Engineering (A & B), 5(12B): 581-592.

  4. Milich LJ, Shendell DG, Graber JM. 2016-17. Safety and Health Risk Perceptions:  A Cross-Sectional Study of New Jersey Hair and Nail Salon Clients. Journal of Chemical Health and Safety, in press (as of March 24, 2017).



  1. Apostolico AA, Shendell DG. 2016 Injury surveillance and associations with socioeconomic status indicators among youth/young workers in New Jersey secondary schools. Environmental Health, 15-22. DOI: 10.1186/s12940-016-0118-z

  2. Patti AA, Apostolico A, Milich L, Lewis AG, Murtha AT, Shendell DG. 2016. Evaluation of a Secondary School Cosmetology Safety and Health Training's Effectiveness after Implementation of a Hierarchy of Controls “Pyramid Game" Using the “Salon Safety Quiz.” Journal of Chemical Health and Safety, 23(6): 16-25.

  3. Shendell DG, Apostolico AA, Patti AA, Milich L, Kelly SW. 2015-2016. Comparing Efficacy of Online and In-person Versions of a Training on U.S. Federal Wage and Hour, Child Labor Laws and Hazardous Occupations Orders for Secondary School Professionals. Frontiers in Public Health-Public Health Education and Promotion section, for special issue “Online Training for Public Health Capacity Building.”


  1. Shendell DG, Noomnual S, Chishti S, Sorenson-Allacci M, Madrigano JM. 2016. Safety and Health Concerns for Global Child Laborers in Less Developed Countries: A Review of Peer-Reviewed Journals and U.S. Department of Labor Initiatives. Journal of Environmental and Public Health, 1-10.

  2. Velez-Valle E, Shendell DG, Echeverria S, Santorelli M. 2016. Type II diabetes emergency room visits associated with Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey: implications for preparedness. Journal of Environmental Health, 79(2): 30-37.

  3. Garcia Jr. FA, Shendell DG, Madrigano JM. 2016. Relationship among environmental quality variables, housing variables and residential needs: A secondary analysis of the Relationship among Indoor, Outdoor, and Personal Air Concentrations database (RIOPA). International Journal of Biometeorology, 51(3): 513-525. DOI 10.1007/s00484-016-1229-5


  1. Apostolico AA, Shendell DG, Lewis AG, Kelly SW, Murtha AT, Houlroyd JL. 2015. The “Salon Safety Quiz” for Pre-/Post- Evaluation Assessment When Training Young Cosmetology Workers in Public Secondary Schools. Journal of Chemical Health and Safety, 22 (1): 14-22.


  1. Rubenstein E, Shendell DG, Eggert BC, Marcella SW. 2014. Personal Protective Equipment Use among Students with Special Health Care Needs Reporting Injuries in School-Sponsored Vocational, Career and Technical Education Programs in New Jersey. Workplace Safety and Health (AAOHN Journal), 62 (1): 12-18.

  2. Lewis, AG, Kelly, SW, Shendell DG. 2014. Assessing impacts of training and continuing needs of secondary school career and technical education teachers and administrators in New Jersey. NJSBA School Leader, 45 (1, August-September) (online as “Readers Forum” article, as of July 22, 2014).


  1. Ana GREE, Luqman Y, Shendell DG, Owoaje ET. 2014. Exposure to electric power generator noise among small scale business operators in selected communities in Ibadan, Nigeria. Journal of Environmental Health, 77(4) 28-35.

  2. Ana GREE, Olapeju O, Shendell DG. 2014. Spatial-temporal variations in carbon dioxide levels in Ibadan, Nigeria. International Journal of Environmental Health Research, 25 (3): 229-240.


  1. Shendell DG, Mapou AEM, Kelly SW, Lewis AG, Houlroyd JH, Murtha AT. 2013. Assessing safety and health knowledge and awareness of young cosmetology students using a Salon Safety Quiz. Journal of Chemical Health and Safety, 20 (6 Nov-Dec): 12-18.

  2. Shendell DG, Mapou AEM, Kelly SK. 2013. Younger Cosmetology Workers and Environmental and Occupational Asthma Triggers at Training Sites and in Salons. Journal of Asthma and Allergy Educators, 4 (2): 67-70.

  3. Sieloff A, Shendell DG, Marshall EG. 2013. An Examination of Injuries and Respiratory Irritation Symptoms among a Sample of Undergraduate Chemistry Students from a Public Northeastern University. Revised and re-submitted per peer-review comments for publication, Journal of Chemical Health and Safety, 20 (5 Sept-Oct), 17-26.


  1. Ana GREE, Ukhun EA, Shendell DG, Osisanya M. 2012-13. Noise levels of mobile phones and audiometric status of users in a university community. ISRN Public Health,, 1-7, available at (open access):

  2. Carr M, Shendell DG. 2013. Physical Conditions of a House and Their Effects on Measurable Radon Levels: Data from Hillsborough Township, NJ 2010-2011. Journal of Environmental Health, 76 (3): 18-24.

  3. Mapou AEM, Shendell DG, Therkorn JH, Xiong Y, Meng Q, Zhang J. 2013. Aldehydes in Passenger Vehicles: An analysis of data from the RIOPA Study 1999-2001. Atmospheric Environment, 79 (July 24, 2013): 751-9.


  1. Shendell DG, Jhaveri M, Nowakowski XCH, Wozniak M, Campbell JK, Marshall EG, Kelly SK. 2012. An Injury Reporting System for Youth Working via School-Sponsored Programs in New Jersey. Professional Safety (Journal of American Society of Safety Engineers), 57 (1): 51-58.

  2. Therkorn JH, Shendell DG. 2012. Evaluation and Characterization of Environmental Risks, and Asthma Management Knowledge and Awareness through Surveys of Coaches, Athlete Parents/Guardians, and Athletes. Journal of Asthma and Allergy Educators, 3 (3): 106-116.

  3. Shendell DG, Mizan SS, Marshall EG, Kelly SK, Campbell JK, Therkorn JH, Miller AE. 2012. Cut-laceration injuries and related career groups in New Jersey career, vocational and technical education courses and programs. Workplace Safety and Health (AAOHN Journal), 60(9): 401-409.

  4. Ana GREE, Ukhun EA, Shendell DG, Osisanya M. 2012. Noise levels of mobile phones and audiometric status of users in a university community. ISRN Public Health (open access; in press as of August 29, online by end of October 2012).


  1. Shendell DG, Therkorn J, Yamamoto N, Meng Q,Kelly SW, Foster C. 2012. Outdoor Near-Roadway, Community and Residential Pollen, Carbon Dioxide and Particulate Matter Measurements in the Urban Core of an Agricultural Region in Central CA. Atmospheric Environment, 50 (4): 103-111.

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  3. Schools in Ibadan, Nigeria. Journal of Environmental Health, 74 (2): 24-28.


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  3. Shendell DG, Ana GREE. 2011. Promoting Environmental Public Health in Rapidly Urbanizing Areas of Less Developed Countries in Africa: A Collaborative Interdisciplinary Training in Ibadan, Nigeria. Journal of Environmental Health, 74 (1): 26-35. (July/August issue’s cover as well).

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School and Community-Based:

  1. Ana GREE, Shendell, DG, Brown, GE, Sridhar MKC. 2009. Assessment of noise and associated health impacts at selected secondary schools in Ibadan, Nigeria. Journal of Environmental and Public Health, doi:10.1155/2009/739502, available at

  2. Ana GREE, Shendell, DG, Odeshi TA, Sridhar MKC. 2009. Identification and initial characterization of prominent air pollution sources and respiratory health at secondary schools in Ibadan Nigeria. Journal of Asthma, 46 (7): 670 – 676.

  3. Shendell DG, Alexander MS, Jewett A, Sanders DL, Yang J. 2010.Assessing the potential influence of asthma on student attendance/absence in public elementary schools. Journal of Asthma, 47 (4) 465-472. 

  4. Shendell DG, Jhaveri M, Nowakowski XCH, Wozniak M, Campbell JK, Marshall EG, Kelly SK. 2010. Incident Surveillance in New Jersey Career and Technical Education Programs, 1999-2008: Attributes, Severity and Reported Use of Personal Protective Equipment. AAOHN J, 58 (9): 367-382.


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School and Community-Based:

  1. Shendell DG, Hemminger L, Campbell J, Schlegel B. 2009. Structured Learning Experiences in New Jersey: Trainings, Communications and Lessons Learned in Support of Enhanced School-Based Occupational Health and Safety Practice. Public Health Reports, 124 (Suppl 1, July-August): 74-83.