Resources For Doctoral Students

Handbook for Doctoral Students

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Professional Development Opportunities for Doctoral Students

Offered by the Rutgers Teaching Assistant Project (TAP). Learn More >>
TAP is a multi-tiered initiative designed to promote excellence in undergraduate and graduate education at Rutgers through the professional development of the graduate student teaching staff.

DrPH Practicum

The DrPH Practicum experience is a required component of the Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree and is a carefully planned and supervised practice experience. Learn More >>

School of Public Health Policies

Student Checklist for Doctoral Study

Faculty Checklist for Doctoral Study

Commonly Used Forms by Doctoral Students

Add/Drop Course -- for use by students who wish to add or drop a course

Conflict of Interest in Dissertation Research -- for use by doctoral students to address the issue of potential conflicts of interest regarding data, support for dissertation research, and the composition of the dissertation committee

Course Exemption -- for use by students to request a course exemption

Graduation Application -- for use by students who are ready to graduate with their Certificate, MS, MPH, or doctoral degree

Transfer Credit -- for use by students who wish to request transfer credits

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