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There are two ways to summarize your professional experience: a resume and a CV, or Curriculum Vitae. They are not interchangeable. Write a 1-2 page resume when applying to public or private organizations. You can find guidance on preparing a resume, as well as sample resumes, here. Write a 4+ page CV when applying for fellowships, grants; and international, academic, scientific or research positions. Click here for a CV template For resume, cover letter, or CV review, Rutgers School of Public Health students can contact Sarah Kelly on the New Brunswick Campus (p. 732-235-5512) and Stratford Campus (p. 856-566-2790), or Teri Lassiter on the  Newark Campus (p. 973-972-8689). Students can also utilize select resources and services offered by Rutgers Career Services.

Writing an effective cover letter is key to introducing a prospective employer to the experience and skills included in your resume or CV.
Job seekers can make informed decisions by researching an industry, a position, or potential employer. Useful materials (e.g., annual reports, sales and marketing brochures, employee handbook) can describe a company's policies and growth. Informational interviews are an especially effective way to make a professional, face to face impression on a potential mentor or employer while getting information about the position, industry, and work environment. Networking is yet another great research method - and can lead to a job. Both alumni and students can expand their career network with other students and alumni, colleagues, friends, professors, supervisors, professional organizations, co-workers, relatives. Networking can happen at conferences, continuing education classes, or social events (anywhere job seekers can collect business cards).

Annual Conferences (Please check the websites for dates and locations.)

A job interview occurs once an applicant has submitted a resume or CV and cover letter and expressed interest in a job.

Employers/others who want to post public health-related positions, please click here to complete the MS Word template, then email the completed form to All other comments/questions can also be directed to this email address. If you are an alumna/us and would like to be added to the School of Public Health alumni career networking list serve, please send your email request to Sarah Kelly.  Thank you.