Enrolled Students

Prior to the Trip
  • Obtain health insurance that covers health care and repatriation to the US if needed.  This is not expensive, and can be obtained through the internet. 
  • Provide all travel information requested by the Rutgers Office of Risk Management. This will be provided during a class meeting. In addition, students must pay for Emergency travel insurance that provides evacuation. This is provided through the Office of Risk Management. Information on costs will be given during class. Checks should be made out to Rutgers University. Students will then be provided with an SOS Insurance card for the trip. Proof of insurance, a copy of your passport face page, and a list of emergency contacts must be given to Ms. Margaret Mitchell, the HSAP secretary (3rd floor, SPH building).Make your airline reservation early to assure a seat and to obtain the lowest ticket cost.
  • Make your airline reservation early to assure a seat and to obtain the lowest ticket cost. The flight information is emailed to students ahead of the first class session. Flights usually originate from Newark Liberty Airport and fly into Puerto Plata.
  • Distribute contributed items across students' luggage so that no bags contain only one or two categories of items.  Check with the airlines to make sure your bag meets weight and size requirements.  Bring your personal clothing and objects in a carry on bag.
  • Get to the airport EARLY -- at least two hours prior to flight time.  Lines are long and flights are sometimes overbooked.  Even if you check in on the Internet you must wait in the check-in line to have your passport registered.  You will be ask to purchase a tourist card ($11) when you arrive in Puerto Plata.
What To Do On the Plane
On the plane you will receive a form from immigration:
  • They will ask where you are staying for your trip.  Be sure to put "Costambar"
  • They will ask the purpose of your trip.  Be sure to put "Study"
What to Bring
  • Comfortable shorts, pants, t-shirts, tennis shoes and socks for work in the field. A light rain jacket (winter and spring trips).  A bathing suit and casual clothes and sandals for free time.
  • Shampoo, Sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray/insect repellent (with DEET), a hat, water bottle, fanny pack or backpack and hand sanitizer.
  • One flashlight per 3 or four students
  • at least one small computer for the group
  • a small notebook for notes.
  • Depending on where you will be housed, one padlock for a safe for each 3 o4 students
  • Travelers' checks or cash to cover housing, food and recreation costs.  ATM machines are not available in Costambar.  Credit cards can be used at Jenny's, the local market, but they are generally not accepted in local restaurants.
  • Basic Over-The-Counter medications
What Not to Bring and Do
  • Do not bring expensive or showy jewelry or revealing clothing for work in the field.  Loose fitting clothing is best for heat and mosquito protection.
  • Do not exchange money prior to the trip or at the Puerto Plata airport.  Money can be exchanged in Costambar for a better rate. 
  • Do not put toilet paper in the toilet anywhere in the DR.  Waste baskets are always provided for this purpose.   Some places, such as the hotel may be okay, but one should ask first.
  • Do not drink water out of the tap.  Bottle water is provided in your residence and all restaurants serve bottled water - if you don't see the bottle, don't drink it.