My Life Now Magazine

Our annual magazine highlights stories of individuals who are part of the initiatives set forth by New Jersey's Division of Developmental Disabilities. These initiatives include the NJ Olmstead Plan, Community Services Waiting List (CSWL), and Return Home New Jersey, and provide people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to build a life and future in the community. The purpose of the magazine is to show individuals, families, and the public to see that community living is possible for anyone living with a developmental disability.

  • NJ Olmstead Plan : Individuals who have moved from a New Jersey developmental center into a community setting. Stories include the entire planning process, move, and what life is like now living outside a developmental center.

  • Community Services Waiting List : Individuals whose number has been called on the CSWL and have been offered an individual budget for services and supports in their home based on their level of need. Stories include how individuals used their budget to attain the services and supports that enabled them to work, volunteer, do activities and hobbies they enjoyed, and hire support staff that truly cared about them.

  • Return Home New Jersey Initiative : Individuals who are New Jersey residents with developmental disabilities that have left New Jersey in order to receive the services and supports they needed in a facility out-of-state. Now, DDD would like to help them move home. Through an initiative called “Returning Home New Jersey” (RHNJ), DDD is working with individuals who live in out-of-state residential facilities, and their families, to develop community-based residential options, services and supports for them in New Jersey.

New Beginnings in Community Living newsletter

A bi-annual newsletter which features articles pertaining to community transition, latest news updates, CLEP’s calendar of project events, and other resources for families. The purpose of the newsletter is to serve as a community outreach tool, educating and engaging the developmental disabilities community on the possibilities that are available in community living.

The Community Living Explore the Possibilities Guide Series

A guide to DDD’s person-centered, self-directed community transition process, written for families of individuals living in developmental centers and considering a move to the community. The guide is compromised of information about housing, support staff, activities, quality assurance, emergencies, aging in place, and medical information. The guide is subject to revision as new processes and regulations set forth by the DDD evolve and change.

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All About CLEP Report

A report that provides information about CLEP's mission and vision, the history of CLEP, what CLEP's main responsibitlies are, and who the team members are.