How to Download Rutgers Logotype and School of Public Health signature, including letterhead templates

  • Go to:
  • Click "Download Zone"
  • Select "Logotype with School and College Signatures"
  • Login with your NetID
  • Scroll down to find School of Public Health. To download the School of Public Health signature (logo), click on the + and select our School's signature with or without the shield. Please review the Guidelines for Use found at the Rutgers Visual Identity System.

The Rutgers Visual Identity System provides specific guidelines and standards for using Rutgers' visual identity marks and signatures in all university communications and university-authorized product. Using the university’s name, identifying marks, and visual identity system consistently and appropriately helps maintain a strong image for Rutgers. Every member of the Rutgers community plays a vital role in bringing this cohesive identity system to life and in maintaining its integrity by applying it consistently throughout all university communications.

Rutgers Visual Identity Manual

The Rutgers Visual Identity Manual is the comprehensive source for complete guidelines on using the system.

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