Department of
Health Systems & Policy
At New Brunswick

Guidelines for Students

Upon admission, students are assigned a faculty advisor in the Department of Health Systems & Policy. At the Student Orientation, HSAP faculty members are available to advise students regarding courses to take in their first semester as well as relevant Department policies. Thereafter, students are expected to meet each semester with their assigned faculty advisor to review their planned coursework.

Students are advised to take core introductory courses first. These are often prerequisites for required courses. Fieldwork research should only be initiated once a student has completed all five (5) core courses and at least three (3) or four (4) of the five required courses (unless approved by their Academic Advisor). Students must have their faculty advisor’s approval before registering for Fieldwork I.

Students should work with a Graduate Practicum Director in starting the plan for their Fieldwork research. The Graduate Practicum Directors maintain a list of available research projects. Other projects may be identified with help from the student’s faculty advisors. And some students also identify Fieldwork projects on their own. Click here for more information about Fieldwork.

Dual concentrations with other departments (e.g., HSAP and Epidemiology) may be arranged . When doing a dual concentration, the student must meet the requirements of both departments for coursework and Fieldwork, and faculty advisors in both departments must sign the Fieldwork contract and application for graduation.