Department of
Social and Behavioral Health Sciences
At New Brunswick

Curriculum for the
Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) in Health Education & Behavioral Science
(72 credits)

Students seeking the DrPH in Health Education & Behavioral Science degree must complete a minimum of 72 credits of academic work with a minimum GPA of least 3.2 overall and a 3.2 in the set of required courses specified by their department; earn no more than nine (9) credits bearing grades less than B; and complete the degree requirements within nine years. Courses are three credit hours unless otherwise noted.

**UPDATE** Please note we are not accepting applications to the DrPH degree program for the 2017-2018 academic year as we revise the DrPH curriculum. The PhD degree program is accepting applications.


  • PHCO 0505 - Health Education and Behavioral Science in Public Health
  • HEBS 0651 - Health Education Planning and Evaluation
  • HEBS 0654 - Modifying Health Behaviors: Theory and Practice

CORE COURSES (12 credits)

  • PHCO 0501 - Health Systems and Policy
  • PHCO 0502 - Principles and Methods of Epidemiology (Prerequisite: Quantitative Skills Assessment)
  • PHCO 0503 - Introduction to Environmental Health
  • PHCO 0504 - Introduction to Biostatistics (Prerequisite: Quantitative Skills Assessment)


  • HEBS 0678 - Health Communication/Risk Communication
  • HEBS 0682 - Research Evaluation and Methods
  • HEBS 0685 - Doctoral Seminar in Health Education and Behavioral Science
  • PHEL 0698 - Special Topic for DrPH Students
  • Behavioral Science Electives (3 credits) selected with advisor approval
    Example: HEBS 9557 - Health Psychology


  • BIST 0551 - Applied Regression Analysis for Public Health Studies
  • HEBS 0663 - Intermediate Survey Research Methods
  • Analytical Elective (3 credits) selected with advisor approval
    Example: BIST 0615 - Categorical Data Analysis

Recommended Program Development/Implementation Courses2 (9 credits)

  • HEBS 0656 - Social Marketing
  • HEBS 9501 - Program Evaluation: Introduction
  • Program Development/Implementation Electives (3 credits) selected with advisor approval


  • PRAC 0705 - Practicum Experience


  • RESH 0760 - Doctoral Research

All HEBS DrPH students are expected to engage in program development/evaluation activities with their faculty advisor.

1Combined courses satisfy seminar requirement
2With Advisor approval, other courses may satisfy these requirements