Department of
Social and Behavioral Health Sciences
At New Brunswick

Competencies for the
Master of Public Health (MPH) in Health Education & Behavorial Science
(45 credits)

Each Department identifies competencies for each degree offered. These competencies reflect the full range of knowledge, skills, and other attributes that a student will acquire as a result of completing the requirements for a particular degree.

Upon graduation, a student completing the MPH curriculum in Health Education & Behavioral Science will be able to:

  • Understand the importance and use of public health policy in health behavior change and health promotion;
  • Use various techniques to conduct needs assessments of diverse populations;
  • Utilize health behavior theories and models for understanding health behaviors;
  • Design, implement, conduct, and evaluate health education/promotion programs in diverse settings;
  • Develop and critique health education materials, methods, and programs;
  • Apply management techniques in health education and health promotion settings; and
  • Understand public health research as it pertains to the principles of behavioral science research.