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The Department of Epidemiology is dedicated to the use of innovative, rigorous and interdisciplinary research methods to understand the patterns and causes of health and disease.  Department faculty are engaged in a wide range of research areas critical to improving the health of populations, both locally and globally.  The Department has six research program areas including cancer, cardiovascular, genetic and molecular, occupational, perinatal, and social epidemiology.  Within each of these areas, there is a strong emphasis in investigating causes of racial/ ethnic health inequalities and identifying promising public health solutions.  Some current local projects include a pilot intervention aimed at improving diabetes control among Latinos (New Brunswick, NJ), a multilevel project working to reduce low birth weight in African-American women (Newark, NJ), and trainings to reduce occupational injury and death (Newark and New Brunswick, NJ).  In terms of global health, a project in the former Yugoslavia is examining the role of discrimination and poverty on perinatal outcomes among European minority groups.

Projects under each of the six core research areas are listed below, although content areas often overlap. Please contact the PI for any further information.

Cancer Research Area

  • Black/ White differences in elapsed time for completion of radiation therapy, utilization of pre-operative magnetic resonance imaging, and chemotherapy dose modifications. (PI: S Chandwani)
  • Treatment patterns and clinical outcomes of melanoma. (PI: S Chandwani)
  • Effects of dietary and exercise interventions on adiponectin and leptin concentrations in women at increased breast cancer risk. (PI: A Llanos)
  • Correlates of within-guidelines cancer screening behaviors. (PI: A Llanos)

Cardiovascular Research Area

  • Longitudinal associations between distinct modes of physical activity and BMI (PI: S Echeverria)
  • Built environment and neighborhood factors associated with physical activity behaviors among Latino youth (PI: S Echeverria)

Genetic and Molecular Research Area

  • Genetic variation in adipokine-related genes and associations with adipokine concentrations in plasma and breast tissues. (PI: A Llanos)
  • Folate concentrations, genetic variation in one-carbon metabolism genes, and p16INK4a promoter methylation in healthy breast tissues. (PI: A Llanos)

Perinatal Research Area

  • Discrimination, neighborhood environments, and migration experiences influencing the maternal health of Romani women. (PI: T Janevic)
  • Evaluation of a multilevel intervention to reduce preterm birth among African American women in Newark, N.J. (PI: T Janevic)

Social Epidemiology Research Area

  • Understanding the role of culture, neighborhoods and life stages in patterning cardiovascular risk factors (PI: S Echeverria)
  • Inequalities in pregnancy health among immigrant women groups in the United States. (PI: T Janevic)