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At New Brunswick and Newark

PhD in Epidemiology (72 credits)

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Epidemiology offers students rigorous training in the concepts, methods and analytic approaches used in epidemiology to understand the distribution and causes of health in populations.  Upon completion of the degree, students will have the following skills and competencies: ability to critique epidemiologic literature, assess its strengths and weaknesses and determine if conclusions are supported; use of epidemiologic techniques to quantitatively assess patterns and changes in disease occurrence; formulate a specific hypothesis and determine an appropriate study design and analytic plan; design, implement and assess ordinary data collection systems for public health research; design and implement basic quality control methods during data entry and analysis; appropriately analyze and interpret epidemiologic data, including large national and state level datasets; communicate and present study findings to professional audiences; conduct independent epidemiologic literature reviews and summarize studies using qualitative and quantitative techniques; independently design and implement a study to investigate a suspected cause of disease; originate, design and implement new studies in the field that are worthy of publication and grant support; and have sufficient familiarity and understanding of epidemiologic research methods to teach at the graduate level.