Department of
At New Brunswick and Newark

Master of Public Health (MPH) in Quantitative Health Care Assessment
(45 credits)

This emphasis is a hybrid between the Departments of Epidemiology and Health Systems and Policy.  It focuses on health care outcomes and a student completing the MPH degree in Quantitative Health Care Assessment will be able to: critically analyze health care outcomes literature; analyze health services data sets using skills like meta-analysis, decision analysis, case-mix adjustment, and small area analysis; assess community needs using health services data sets; conduct basic cost-effectiveness analyses; interpret pharmacoepidemiology literature and critically appraise the designs of such studies; assess effectiveness of various population-based treatments and health care delivery options; and delineate the different mechanisms of health systems delivery and reimbursement and their impact on health outcomes. 

Dual Degrees:

  • MD/MPH
  • DO/MPH
  • PsyD/MPH
  • Master of Biomedical Science/MPH
  • MS in Community Health Nursing/MPH
  • JD/MPH
  • PharmD/MPH