Department of
Environmental & Occupational Health
At New Brunswick

About Environmental & Occupational Health

At the School of Public Health's New Brunswick Location

Areas of focus within this department include occupational safety and health (OSH) and environmental health sciences (EHS).

The OSH concentration prepares graduates to effectively manage workplace safety and health hazards in diverse work environments.  Students are prepared to handle challenging positions in occupational safety, health and management in a number of industries from manufacturing, construction and government service.

The adverse health impacts of exposure to environmental pollution are one of the top public policy issues in New Jersey. The public, private, and academic sectors are all striving to improve the ability to understand our environments and to protect them. Accordingly, the primary goal of the EHS concentration is to train qualified professionals with expertise in environmental and occupational health. This includes the identification of hazards, the recognition of at-risk populations and the prevention of exposure. Many kinds of toxic agents are encountered both in the community and in the workplace, but there are significant differences in the circumstances and magnitude of exposure and, therefore, on the strategies used for controlling exposure and preventing disease.

The Chair

Helmut Zarbl, PhD
Dr. Helmut Zarbl

Global Public Health Happenings

  • MPH in Global Public Health
  • The Center for Global Public Health has
    received a small grant from
    the Rutgers Center for Global
    Advancement and International
    Affairs to develop an MPH
    degree in Global Public Health. The new concentration is expected to launch in Fall 2017.