Department of
Environmental & Occupational Health
At New Brunswick


Dr. Howard Kipen

Helmut Zarbl, PhD
Chair and Professor
Director Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences Institute (EOHSI)
Ph.D., McGill University (Canada), B.Sc., McGill University (Canada), D.C.S., Marianopolis College (Canada)
Research Interests:
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Julie E. Caruth, Assistant Professor, M.D., University of West Indies (Trinidad/Tobago); M.P.H.,
Rutgers - School of Public Health
Research Interests: Occupational health

Mingzhu Fang, Assistant Professor,  M.D., Norman Bethune University of Medical Science, Jilin University (China), Ph.D., College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University (South Korea), D.A.B.T
Research Interests: Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms on the development of environmental diseases, including cancer; Role of biological circadian rhythm on disease development; Development of screening methods and strategies for risk assessment of environmental toxicants

Nancy Fielder, Professor; Ph.D., Bowling Green State.
Research Interests: Human health effects of stress and neurotoxicants; controlled chemical exposure studies
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Panos Georgopoulos, Professor, Dipl.Ing.,National Technical University (Greece), M.S., California Institute of Technology, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
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Jun-Yan Hong, Professor; Ph.D., UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School; M.S., Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology (China).
Research Interests:
Impact of genetic factors on an individual's susceptibility to environmental diseases
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Yi-Hua Jan, Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Rutgers
Research Interests: Metabolism of xenobiotics, chemical redox cycling, cellular and biochemical mechanisms of chemical toxicity, developing countermeasures against organophospate intoxication and sulfur mustard exposure
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Koshy Koshy, Assistant Professior; Ph.D., Rutgers
Research Interests: Developing and accessing training programs in occupational safety and health for hard-to-reach workers and workers in high-hazard industries; building disaster preparedness competencies
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Jeffrey Laskin, Distinguished Professor and Chief, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, Roswell Park Memorial Institute
Research Interests: biochemical and molecular pharmacology and toxicology, inflammation, skin and lung toxicology, hepatotoxicology, oxidative stress, chemical redox cycling, mechanisms of photo toxicity, carcinogenesis
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Robert Laumbach, Associate Professor; M.D., UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School; M.P.H., Columbia-Mailman School of Public Health
Research Interests: Occupational and environmental respiratory diseases; medically-unexplained illness
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Michael Pratt, Residency Director and Assistant Professor, M.D., Indiana University School of Medicine, M.P.H, UMDNJ-School of Public Health
Occupational Medicine
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Stephan Schwander, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director, Center for Global Public Health
Ph.D., Hamburg-Eppendorf (Germany); M.D., Johann Wolfgang Goethe (Germany)
Research Interests: Human antimycobacterial immunity; human lung immunology during mycobacteriumtuberculosis infection and disease; effects of particulate matter on antimycobacterial immunity

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Derek Shendell, Associate Professor; D.Env., California School of Public Health (Los Angeles); M.P.H., Yale School of Medicine.
Research Interests:Environmental public health sciences and services; environmental epidemiology and human exposure assessment field studies; indoor air and environmental quality in schools, homes, and day care; urban outdoor air quality (United States, Latin America, China, Japan, Nigeria); children's environmental health
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Iris G. Udasin, Professor; M.D., SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Research Interests: Blood-borne pathogens; indoor air quality; hazardous waste workers; violence in the workplace
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Clifford Weisel, Professor; Ph.D., M.S., Rhode Island
Research Interests: Multi-route chemical exposures, applications of biomarkers for characterizing exposure and in epidemiological studies, use of sensors for real-time exposure characterization, effects of air pollutants on the lung microbiome and respiratory disease, transportation linked exposures, application of metabolomics in exposure science
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Helmut Zarbl, Professor and NIEHS Center Director, Ph.D., McGill University (Canada), B.Sc., McGill University (Canada), D.C.S., Marianopolis College (Canada)
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Joanna Burger, Professor; primary at Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences; Ph.D., Minnesota; M.S., Cornell.
Research Interests: Risk perception and communication for fish consumption and other wild-caught foods; effects of lead, mercury, and cadmium on neurological development and behavior

Michael A. Gallo, Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., Albany Medical College
Research Interests: Metabolism of xenobiotics; hormone carcinogenesis; receptor action; environmental risk assessment

Michael Gochfeld, Professor Emeritus; M.D., Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Ph.D., CUNY
Research Interests: Susceptibility; application of medical surveillance; biomonitoring of workers and communities exposed to hazardous wastes; environmental and ecological risk assessment

Robert M. Goodman, Professor; primary at Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences; Ph.D., Cornell
Research Interests: Environmental microbiology

Gediminas Mainelis, Assistant Professor; primary at Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences; Ph.D, Cincinnati
Research Interests: Bioaerosols research

Mark Robson, Professor; primary at Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences; Ph.D., Rutgers; M.P.H., UMDNJ-School of Public Health; M.S., Rutgers  
Research Interests: Pesticide use, policy, regulation; alternative pest control
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Gail Becker, Adjunct Associate Professor and Professor, Middlesex County College; Ph.D., M.S., Rutgers
Research Interests: Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health and Safety

Brian Buckley, Adjunct Associate Professor and Executive Director, Laboratories and Facilities, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute; Ph.D., North Carolina State
Research Interests: Extraction techniques for analysis of contaminants in water; analytical procedures for environmental contaminants

Gary Garetano, Adjunct Assistant Professor and Assistant Director, Hudson Regional Health Commission; Ph.D., UMDNJ-School of Public Health
Research Interests: Environmental health

Daniel Lefkowitz, Adjunct Assistant Professor and Research Scientist, New Jersey Department of Health; Ph.D., M.S., Rutgers
Research Interests: Occupational health surveillance with focus on hazard surveillance and intervention

Leroy Meyer, Adjunct Instructor and Section Chief/Research Scientist, Pesticide Control Program, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (Retired);  M.S., Rutgers
Research Interests: Environmental contamination with pesticides; tracking of pesticide exposures and education in areas of pesticide poisoning

Omowunmi Y.O. Osinubi, Adjunct Associate Professor; M.D., Ibadan (Nigeria); M.Sc., CUNY
Research Interests: Smoking cessation; occupational health

Alvaro Osornio Vargas, Adjunct Professor; Ph.D., Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Research Interests: Global public health; air pollution research

Douglas Pastore, Adjunct Instructor and Director, Safety, Health and Environment, L'Oreal USA; M.S., New Jersey Institute of Technology
Research Interests: Occupational health and safety; industrial hygiene

Joseph Romano, Clinical Associate Professor; M.D., Georgetown University School of Medicine
Research Interests: Occupational Health

Alan Stern, Adjunct Associate Professor and Chief, Bureau for Risk Analysis, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection;  Dr.P.H., Columbia School of Public Health
Research Interests: Environmental toxicology; human health risk assessment; mercury, chromium, quantitative dose response modeling

Tanisha Taylor, Adjunct Instructor of Environmental and Occupational Health; Attending Physician at Monmouth Medical Center; MD, New York Medical College
Research Interests: Occupational Medicine, toxicology, industrial hygiene

Stella Tsai, Adjunct Assistant Professor and Research Scientist, New Jersey Department of Health; Ph.D., UMDNJ-School of Public Health
Research Interests: Microbial exposure assessment

Charles J. Weschler, Adjunct Professor; Ph.D., M.S., Chicago
Research Interests: Air pollution and indoor environmental quality


Denise Patruno
Interim Principal Management Assistant
p. 848-445-6091
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Michelle M. Ruidíaz-Santiago
Program Development Specialist III
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