Department of
Environmental & Occupational Health
At New Brunswick

Master of Public Health (MPH) in Environmental and Occupational Health
(45 credits)

The MPH degree in Environmental and Occupational Health provides students with a clear understanding of the roles of the core disciplines in public health with sufficient knowledge of the theory and terminology used by these disciplines to allow effective participation in interdisciplinary public health efforts, and specialized skills in at least one public health discipline.

The Department offers both a broad and a focused educational experience. From the core survey course to the specialized courses on air pollution and occupational health, there are extensive opportunities for both the specialist and the general student to master the complex body of knowledge that underlies environmental and occupational health. The environmental/occupational research performed by students in the doctoral program covers the spectrum from toxicologically oriented research to epidemiology, risk assessment, exposure assessment, and policy formation. The Department continues to provide Masters-level students with a solid foundation for expanding professional skills, for career advancement and for pursuing doctoral-level training.

The existing courses cover most of the prominent topical areas of occupational and environmental health. In a number of cases, there are sequences of related courses to assure that students develop some depth of knowledge in selected areas, while not sacrificing a generalist’s approach to most of the knowledge in their field.