Department of
Environmental & Occupational Health
At New Brunswick

Competencies for the
Master of Public Health (MPH) in Occupational Safety and Health
(45 credits)

Each Department identifies competencies for each degree offered. These competencies reflect the full range of knowledge, skills, and other attributes that a student will acquire as a result of completing the requirements for a particular degree.

Upon graduation, a student completing the MPH curriculum in Occupational Safety and Health will be able to:

  • Identify occupational safety and health issues in the workplace and as applicable the related exposure risks to the general public as well as to vulnerable communities or susceptible sub-populations;
  • Explain basic mechanisms of toxicology and dose-response regarding occupational toxicants;
  • Apply federal and state regulatory standards which are related to worker (occupational) safety and health protection;
  • Develop testable models to validate occupational exposures (one or more agents) and adverse health outcomes (causing injury, disability, or other morbidity or mortality); and
  • List current quantitative risk assessment approaches and methods for specific occupational safety and other health hazards.