Department of
At New Brunswick


Shou-En Lu, Interim Chair and Associate Professor; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins.
Research Interests: Cohort case-control design and analysis; clustered failure time data; multivariate failure time data
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Amy Davidow, Associate Professor; Ph.D., New York University.
Research Interests:
Longitudinal data analysis; epidemiology of tuberculosis; spatial analysis of disease rates.
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Perry N. Halkitis, Dean and Professor; Ph.D., M.S., M.P.H., CUNY.
Research Interests: HIV/AIDS; drug abuse; mental health; health disparities; urban health; LGBTQ; psychometrics; longitudinal modeling; research methodology.
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Sinae Kim, Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Texas A&M.
Research Interests: Bayesian variable selection; clustering; nonparametric Bayes; wavelets; bioinformatics; DNA microarray analysis
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Yong Lin, Professor; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State.
Research Interests: Mixture hypotheses and models; cancer phase-I/II clinical trial designs; bootstrap and statistical computing
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Dirk Moore, Associate Professor; Ph.D., Washington (Seattle).
Research Interests: Correlated binary and count data; statistical methods in genetics and epidemiology
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Weichung (Joe) Shih, Professor; Ph.D., Minnesota.
Research Interests: Statistical methodology in clinical trials; sequential design and analysis; incomplete data; midcourse adjustment of study designs; cancer study designs and analysis
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Pamela Ohman Strickland, Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Director of RUBIES; Ph.D., M.S., Cornell.
Research Interests: Analysis with small samples; categorical data; random effect models; clustered failure time data
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Yaqun Wang, Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Pennsylvania; M.S., Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China.
Research Interests:  Gene regulatory network; gene-environment interaction; statistical genetics; longitudinal data; big data
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Jerry Q. Cheng, Assistant Professor; Primary at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School; Ph.D., Rutgers; M.S., North Carolina State
Research Interests: Research studies in statistics


Jacqueline Vinasco
Administrative Assistant
p. 732-235-4854
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Tyeshia Kirk
Administrative Support for Newark Location
p. 973-972-7212
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