Department of
At New Brunswick

Competencies for the
Master of Public Health (MPH) in Biostatistics (45 credits)

Each Department identifies competencies for each degree offered. These competencies reflect the full range of knowledge, skills, and other attributes that a student will acquire as a result of completing the requirements for a particular degree.

Upon graduation, a student completing the MPH curriculum in Biostatistics will be able to:

  • Apply basic probability theory and standard statistical methods to problems relevant to biomedical, clinical, and public health research;
  • Use statistical computer packages to organize, analyze, and report collected data;
  • Review and critique statistical methods and interpretations presented in published research studies, presentations, or reports;
  • Integrate relevant scientific background to design experimental and observational studies in biomedical, clinical, and public health research; and
  • Communicate the results of statistical analyses both in writing and orally to investigators and lay community members.