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Health Behavior, Society and Policy

Faculty & Staff

Paul  Duberstein, PhD
Chair & Professor
Department of Health Behavior, Society and Policy
(732) 235-2836

Patrick Clifford, PhD Professor.
Alcohol treatment outcomes research, assessment reactivity effects, mechanisms of behavior change, methodological considerations related to alcohol treatment/intervention research, brief interventions, testing of theoretical frameworks specific to alcohol use disorders (AUD) treatments/interventions
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Christine Davis, PhD Assistant Professor.
Alcohol treatment outcomes research; mechanisms of behavior change; alcohol research assessment reactivity; psychometrics; quantitative methods.
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Stacy Davis, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor.
cancer prevention and control; health disparities; community-based participatory research; cancer screening; health literacy; medically underserved patients; primary care; cancer survivorship; mobile health; electronic health; behavioral interventions; health equity; mixed-method designs
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Cristine Delnevo, PhD, MPH, FAAHB Professor; Director, Center for Tobacco Studies; Co-Leader of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.
Tobacco Control; Tobacco Regulatory Science; Public Health Policy; Survey Research Methods; Non-Cigarette Tobacco Products (Cigars, SLT, E-cigarette).
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Paul  Duberstein, PhD Chair & Professor.
Aging; cancer; caregiving, depression; end-of-life; geriatric mental health; gerontology; health care utilization; interpersonal psychotherapy; mental health services; palliative care; patient-clinician communication; personality; primary care; socioeconomic disparities, suicide.
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Nir Eyal, DPhil Henry Rutgers Professor of Bioethics and Director of the Center for Population–Level Bioethics (CPLB).
Population-Level Bioethics, research ethics, health inequalities, ethics of health promotion, ethics in HIV policy and research,  political philosophy, consequentialism.
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Ollie Ganz, DrPH Instructor.
tobacco control, health communication, health disparities, health equity, mental health, LGBT health.
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Irina Grafova, PhD Assistant Professor.
Socio-economic inequalities in health; financial strain; financial toxicity of cancer, health policy; healthcare spending, neighborhoods
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Marybec C. Griffin, PhD, MPH, MA Assistant Professor.
Healthcare access, sexual health, contraceptive access, substance use, LGBTQ competent care
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Michael Gusmano, PhD, MA Professor; Director, Health Systems & Policy Concentration.
Health policy; access to health care; health reform; Medicare; Medicaid; population aging; comparative health policy; global health; long-term care; bioethics.
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Mary Hrywna, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor.
Tobacco control policy; tobacco regulatory science; population health; priority/special populations; surveillance and monitoring; non-cigarette tobacco products.
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Michelle Jeong, PhD Assistant Professor.
Tobacco regulatory science, tobacco control, health communication, tobacco marketing, e-cigarettes
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Racquel Kohler, PhD Instructor.
Cancer disparities; global cancer control; resource limited settings; homelessness; sexual/reproductive health; breast cancer; cervical cancer prevention; implementation science; mixed methods; preference elicitation
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Elissa Kozlov, PhD Instructor in the School of Public Health, Core Faculty at the Institute for Health, Health Policy and Aging Research.
Palliative Care, Geropsychology, End-of-life, geriatric mental health care, psychological symptoms and serious illness, depression, anxiety, caregiving, aging, mindfulness
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Jane Lewis, DrPH Associate Professor.
Tobacco control and policy; tobacco industry marketing; perceptions of tobacco product risk; health/risk communication; tobacco regulatory science; qualitative research; surveillance and monitoring
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Laura Liang, DrPH Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Assistant Professor.
K-12 health science education; youth development and engagement; community outreach and education.
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Thomas Mackie, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor.
Mental health services and policy; children's behavioral and mental health; mixed methods research; comparative effectiveness research; patient-centered outcomes research; dissemination and implementation sciences.
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Mark McGovern, PhD Assistant Professor.
Health Economics, Health Disparities, Life Cycle Effects of Inequality, Causal Inference, Quasi-experimental Methods, Missing Data
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Alan Monheit, PhD Professor.
Health reform; health insurance regulation; health insurance and the labor market; health care spending; family health care decision making; socioeconomic status and health.
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Donna Richardson, LCSW, LCADC, NCTTP Instructor.
Effectiveness of behavioral treatments for tobacco dependence; development of treatment services for women for patients with major mental illness.
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Slawa Rokicki, PhD Instructor.
Maternal and child health; reproductive health; mental health; community-engaged research; health disparities; global health; adolescent health
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Hillary Samples, PhD, MHS Assistant Professor.
Health services; health policy; behavioral health; health care databases; population-level data; risk factors for behavioral health problems; prevention and treatment services; impact of policies; trends in health care delivery/utilization and outcomes; mental health and substance use; behavioral health care; health equity
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Kevin Schroth, JD Associate Professor.
Tobacco control; tobacco regulatory science; cigars, favored cigars; tobacco retail density reduction; e-cigarettes; tobacco price regulations; alternative tobacco products; hookah regulation; marijuana regulation.
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Olivia Wackowski, PhD, MPH Associate Professor.
Tobacco control; tobacco regulatory science; tobacco risk perceptions; tobacco marketing; e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco; menthol cigarettes; tobacco warnings; health and risk communication; qualitative research; content analysis
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Chongyi Wei, DrPH Associate Professor.
HIV; global health; sexual minorities; LGBT health; behavioral interventions; behavioral epidemiology; implementation science.
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