Center for
Global Public Health


The mission of the Center for Global Public Health (CGPH) at Rutgers School of Public Health is to improve the health and well-being of communities and diverse populations by working collaboratively with educators, researchers, policy makers, non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies and healthcare practitioners through teaching, research and service, both locally and globally. 

To improve global health, the CGPH engages in basic science, clinical and population based research, education as well as health service-related activities. Students, scholars and the larger community will gain knowledge and experience in different aspects of global health, including the impact of socio-economic conditions and exposures, disease assessment and intervention, health conditions and their outcomes, and policy implications in a global context. 

The CGPH was established on September 30, 2009 and added as an inter-departmental academic center in October 6, 2009. The CGPH takes advantage of the extensive and diverse expertise in global health at all Rutgers campuses and within all units.