Kevin Griffiths, MD/MPH '03, has been working to enhance the level of public health care in minority communities: "I believe I'll have the best of both worlds - an understanding of the individual patient and entire communities."

"The school's strong course work and commitment to expand fieldwork opportunities helped me to make the contacts I needed to get an internship and my current job." Anne Lubenow, MPH '97, National Cancer Institute.

"The Masters of Public Health Program helped me to identify the barriers that often prevent women from getting regular breast cancer screenings." Stacy Davis, MPH '02.

"My experience here at [Rutgers School of Public Health] has been great. The faculty, administration, and students provide a scholarly community unmatched by many other public health universities. Along with providing a great education and overall learning experience, [Rutgers School of Public Health]gives students the opportunity to connect with their communities, charities, and populations to aid in improving the health of our society not only here in New Jersey but all over the world." Peter Gregory, MPH '04, Past President of the Student Government Association, New Brunswick Campus and Past President of the Rutgers School of Public Health Alumni Association.

"The best part of the MPH program was the amazing and knowledgeable faculty. My faculty advisor guided me through the most difficult part of the MPH program; obtaining, completing, and then presenting my fieldwork research. He was a mentor is many ways and I continue to seek his counsel." Natalie Aloyets, MPH '99, Environmental and Occupational Health.

"The [Rutgers School of Public Health] is a superb academic establishment with state-of-the-art facilities and extraordinary professors. These are just a few of the attributes that make this institution one of the finest in the country." Steve Junker, MPH '03.