Tuition & Fees

This Rutgers University Student Financial Aid website has been developed for students and graduates from within the University system. For information on Financial Aid, including campus locations, application procedures and other resources, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Tuition and fees are payable in full each semester at the time of registration unless a student selects to use the installment plan (see below). All registrations must be coordinated through the Registrar’s Office.

In order to maintain graduate status for each semester at the University, each student must be considered:

  1. Full-time (nine or more credits);
  2. Part-time (one to eight credits); or
  3. On leave.

General Service fee:
$233 per semester.

Seat deposit:
$100.00 non-refundable seat deposit (upon receipt of acceptance letter) to the campus the student will be attending, which is applied to the first tuition bill when the student registers.

Late registration fee:
$50 per each registration deadline not met. Late registration is held during the first two weeks of classes. Newly admitted students are expected to register on-site on fixed dates that will be announced in advance. Continuing students may register by mail or in person. (A registration package will automatically be sent to all current students each semester.)

Technology fee:
Amount # of Credits Amount # of Credits
$60 0-1 $109 7
$69 2 $118 8
$76 3 $125 9
$85 4 $134 10
$93 5 $142 11
$101 6 $149 12 or more

Other costs and fees:
Books - approximately $100 per three-credit course.
Parking - approximately $65.
Graduation - $40.
International Services - $250.

Computer Requirements:
All students are required to have a personal laptop. To ensure compatibility with software used by School courses, all laptops must be no older than approximately two years and meet the requirements listed at Computer Requirements and Specifications > >

Late payments:
$50 per month beyond any tuition/fee payment not received within 30 days of the due date for the semester.

Installment plan:
$20 per semester if student selects this plan. Students may arrange with the cashier at their campus to follow an installment plan. The schedule is:

  • Payment of all fees plus one-half of tuition before or on the due date specified on the invoice; and
  • Payment of one-quarter of the tuition 30 days after due date and one-quarter 60 days after the due date.

Refund policy:
All refunds for approved withdrawals follow the refund schedule established by Rutgers School of Public Health. The refund dates throughout the “Withdrawal” period and the corresponding amount of refund are published in the course schedule that is distributed each semester prior to registration. Refunds for withdrawals from courses and from the School follow the refund schedule as listed in the course schedule.

Leave of Absence Fee:
Students who are not planning to register for one or more semesters and do not plan to withdraw from the School must petition for an official “Leave of Absence” with the campus office during the registration period that the leave of absence will become effective. This policy applies to students enrolled in a dual degree program with another Rutgers School or another university who, because of the requirements of the dual degree program, are not registering at the Rutgers School of Public Health for one or more semesters. A student’s petition for a Leave must be approved by the campus associate dean. Unless the student administrative fee is paid, a non-refundable fee of $50 per semester is required to maintain status — exceptions are made for students enrolled in dual degree programs. Students extending a Leave beyond one semester must petition for the subsequent official leave and pay an additional $50 fee. The total leave cannot exceed two consecutive semesters. The time period granted for a notification of absence is excluded from the overall time requirement to complete the degree program.

Maintaining Matriculation Fee:
A maintaining matriculation student is a matriculated student who is approved to complete unfinished work required for courses from previous semesters, but is not involved in an academic enhancement outside their usual curriculum. Such a student is not taking any new courses but will be registered in a course entitled “Maintaining Matriculation.” For more information, visit the Policies page.

To register for maintaining matriculation a student should contact the registrar with approval of their advisor. This registration requires the payment of a $35 fee, plus the administrative fee, for each semester this type of registration is used. Examples of students eligible for maintaining matriculation status:

  • Student who is working on incomplete grade(s) from prior term.
  • Student who has successfully defended their dissertation/thesis and is awaiting graduation.
  • Student who is awaiting graduation due to missing a graduation date.
  • Student who has returned for a certificate having completed all required courses for the certificate.

Student Health Insurance Policy:
It is University policy that each student enrolled in a program at the University on a full-time basis (9 credits or more) must have adequate health and accident insurance coverage. All full-time students will be automatically billed for health insurance, and will be mailed an information packet. Students will be asked to choose the University’s insurance plan or may waive participation if they have current health and accident insurance that meets minimum requirements set by the University. Information about waiver forms is available at campus offices or by visiting and selecting Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Non-matriculated and part-time students are welcome to purchase insurance. The University’s health provider is United Health Plan. Students interested in purchasing health insurance should contact one of the Campus Offices. The plan does offer coverage for one’s spouse and children at an additional cost.

Tuition at a Glance

$818 per credit for in-state students

$1,226 per credit for out-of-state students

$985 per credit for online courses (for in-state students)

$1,226 per credit for online courses (for out-of-state students)

Financial Aid

If you have any questions about applying for financial aid at Rutgers School of Public health, please contact the financial aid office at the campus to which you have applied.

Newark Campus
p. 973-972-4376

New Brunswick Campus
p. 732-235-4689

Stratford Campus
p. 856-566-6008