For Certificate

Admission requirements vary by the certificate program, and the application is administered through the campus office. Applications and details can be found in the certificate brochure, which can be requested from any Campus Office. The following guiding principles apply:

  • Students may only participate in one certificate program at a time;
  • Students who are admitted are eligible to take an additional two courses after their required courses have been completed;
  • All credits must be earned within a two year period;
  • Students must maintain a B average to successfully complete a certificate;
  • Applicants should have academic credentials that are comparable to MPH students; in certain circumstances, the GRE may be requested to support an admission decision;
  • Students who have successfully completed a certificate program may apply for the MPH degree or the MS program and transfer 15 credits to either program. A separate application is required to apply to the MPH or MS program; and
  • A new application is required to apply for another certificate.

Click here to visit the Certificate Programs webpage for more information.