Quantitative Methods: Epidemiology & Biostatistics Courses
QNME Syllabi page

Syllabi for courses are provided to make them easily available to current and prospective students. Note: The syllabi are provided for informational purposes and are subject to change.

QNME 0506 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
QNME 0542 Seminar in Critical Review of Recent Injury Research (no syllabus available)
QNME 0545 Cost-Effectiveness in Public Health and Medicine 
QNME 0584 Computing II: Epi Info 
QNME 0587 Introduction to SAS for Data Analysis in Public Health
QNME 0607 Public Health Nutrition (no syllabus available)
QNME 0610 Case Studies in Epidemiology and Public Health
QNME 0611 Design of Epidemiological Studies and Clinical Trials
QNME 0612 Linear Models: Regression and Analysis of Variance
QNME 0613 Life Tables and Survival Analysis
QNME 0614 Categorical Data Analysis
QNME 0615 Epidemiology and Control of Chronic and Infectious Diseases
(no syllabus available)
QNME 0616 Advanced Topics in Infectious and Chronic Diseases Epidemiology
(no syllabus available)
QNME 0621 Survey Research Methods and Questionnaire Design
QNME 0622 Injury Control and Prevention (no syllabus available)
QNME 0629 Meta-Analysis
QNME 0636 Principles and Practices of Infectious Disease Diagnosis Part A: Bacteria and Parasites (no syllabus available)
QNME 0637 Principles and Practices of Infectious Disease Diagnosis Part B: Viruses and Fungi (no syllabus available)
QNME 0638 Tuberculosis (TB): A View from the Trenches
QNME 0641 GIS in Public Health
QNME 0642 Radiology Informatics I (no syllabus available)
QNME 0643 Radiology Informatics II (no syllabus available)
QNME 0653 Violence in America: Programs and Policy (no syllabus available)

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