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Syllabi for courses are provided to make them easily available to current and prospective students. Note: The syllabi are provided for informational purposes and are subject to change.

HSAP 0515 Data for Health Services Research and Policy
HSAP 0519 Managing Health Care Delivery Organizations
HSAP 0560 Foundations of Maternal and Child Health
HSAP 0590 Readings/Research Topics in Health Care Organization and Administration
(no syllabus available)
HSAP 0614 Health Services and Policy Research Methods
HSAP 0615 Health Care Economics
HSAP 0617 Health Services Research and Evaluation
HSAP 0619 Public Health Applications in Developing Countries
HSAP 0620 Health Ethics and Law
HSAP 0656 Health Politics and Policy
HSAP 0659 Cross-National Comparisons of Health Systems and Policy
HSAP 0661 Health Care Policy
HSAP 0663 Issues in Private and Public Health Insurance
HSAP 0665 Public Health Management and Practice
HSAP 0666 Public Health: Policy and Practice
HSAP 0670 Neighborhoods, Health Systems and Population Health
HSAP 0671 Topics in Health Systems and Health Care Policy
HSAP 0672 Theories of Development and Global Public Health
HSAP 0673 Population Health and Public Policy
HSAP 0674 U.S. Mental Health Policy

HSAP courses that begin with "6" or "9," such as HSAP 6525 - Public Management or HSAP 9568 - Health Care Policy, are cross-listed courses with another Rutgers school. Check the respective Rutgers school for a syllabus. Refer to the current Bulletin/Catalog for information about cross-listed courses.

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