Biostatistics Courses

Syllabi for courses are provided to make them easily available to current and prospective students. Note: The syllabi are provided for informational purposes and are subject to change.

BIST 0535 Biometrics Computing
BIST 0551 Applied Regression Analysis for Public Health Studies
BIST 0610 Advanced Regression Methods for Public Health Studies
BIST 0613 Biostatistics Theory I
BIST 0614 Biostatistics Theory II
BIST 0615 Categorical Data Analysis
BIST 0616 Lifetime Data Analysis
BIST 0630 Sampling Methods
BIST 0650 Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis
BIST 0655 Biocomputing II
BIST 0660 Clinical Trials: Design and Analysis of Medical Experiments
BIST 0688 Statistical Methods in Genetics (no syllabus available)
BIST 0690 Advanced Topics in Biostatistics
BIST 0700 Advanced Theory of Biostatistics I
BIST 0701 Advanced Theory of Biostatistics II

BIST courses that begin with "9," such as BIST 9655 - Nonparametric Statistics, are cross-listed courses with another Rutgers school. Check the respective Rutgers school for a syllabus. Refer to the current Bulletin/Catalog for information about cross-listed courses.

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